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  1. Can we get Kiko Alonso for a conditional 5th?.(He was a Chip's guy) Kiko was pretty good on coverage before the injury.
  2. I would give a conditional 6th for Dion Jordan because he maybe a basket case and he was an 3rd overall so he has a ton of cap hit, but he was better suited to play OLB on a 3-4 and he went to Miami to a wrong scheme fit for him(like B. Werner with the Colts). D. Jordan was a 3rd overall like T. Richardson but he was a Dolphin before like V. Davis. So we could gamble because we really need to pressure the QB.
  3. He would be a great addition if we can grab another DL(rotational) that can play 2-gap, i mean we are supposed to play 2-gap, we relay on our DL to take the OL and the LB to make plays. I think he might be a late first rounder but probably an early one, but i would take him in the first on a heartbeat.
  4. I would rather trade B. Werner for B. Mingo. Both underachieved 1st rounders with troubles to adjust to the scheme.
  5. I think the Colt are preparing a spot for D. Smith, we just singed a CB but he could be waived anytime soon and i think D. Smith is almost at 100%.
  6. "The sky is not falling" Week 1, "The sky is not falling" Week 2, "We won against Tenn on a close game but the sky is not falling" Week 3. Can we call this offense just AWFUL ? I mean we have all the weapons but it seems that our OC can't put some favorable match ups against the Jags!!!.
  7. That would be a silly move because the Stanford connection,A. Luck, Fleener, Whalen were teammates with J. Martin before the draft, and after we got another 2 and D.Parry and H. Anderson aren't soft at all. So Incognito were never an option. But E. Mathis, M. Iupati were so Grigson may go after the season.
  8. First of all , i had made i post about this before but i can't find it so i'm gonna re-post this. We need a true FB, i mean Doyle and Allen can't handle the load at the FB position, also we got to the 2 yrd and everybody knew that we were running inside, i mean where are the Spider 2 Y Banana? those kind of plays are pretty hard to defend and it seems that we can't run those anymore. I was proposing giving a draft pick to get Marcel Reece from Oakland. He is pretty good also as a 3rd/4th RB, we could use that kind of force in the middle or getting those PA.
  9. That's not very polite, buddy. But you just said what everyone is thinking.!
  10. Well Henry Anderson came to play, that's the only bright spot about this game.
  11. I'm keep wondering, where the heck are those short pass to the RB (Boon Herron)?, i mean all those passes are long routes that need time to develop and we can't protect Luck more than 2 secs, we need to put to work those TE with sorts routes.
  12. Game Over, this is really pathetic again, i think Pagano and Hamilton are on the hot seat after 2 horrendous games and they are gonna get a pass because we are against Ten and Jax after this but i hope we lose those game to show that Hamilton and Pagano aren't ready for their jobs.
  13. I'm waiting for the NO MORE passes to Luck, because he is playing trash.
  14. I have to disagree with you about Chuck being a Leader, I think he is the kind of person the players will follow and they do follow him but the problem is that he isn't a good HC. I mean he is way too good of a person that he will give his players many chances to prove themselves that's why they follow him because they fell secure with him, BUT this is the FREAKING NFL you can't give your players more reps to prove themselves(i.e. T.Richardson, D. Reed, DHB, Josh Cribbs, etc.), he has been outcouched by many HC (last year for example against NE he deactivated B. Werner saying that they needed
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