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  1. Anyone else kind of annoyed at Chuck's smiling and joking, just one day after the Colts missed the playoffs?
  2. This post is really grasping at straws here. Using horseshoeblue's logic here: a top punter pins opposing offenses deep, which helps the defense. So could you say that drafting a punter helps the run defense? I guess so. IMHO, drafting defensive players helps the defense.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87d2duPjmjc Fast forward to 15:23
  4. Going to be in Section 134. Are you all wearing Colts gear to the game? I've never been to a Jets game so I don't know if it'll be an enjoyable experience with opposing gear on. Going with my girlfriend and would rather her not have beer thrown on her.
  5. I shudder every time he gets hit. I know it's probably unnecessary, but I can't help it.
  6. Luck looks great right now, but the O-line needs fixing, and needs fixing NOW. I have nightmares of Luck going the way of David Carr, where Carr was hit so much, he started losing his feel for the game. If Luck gets hit over and over again at the start of his career, he starts looking at where the next big hit is coming from instead of going through his reads and progressions.
  7. Ditto. I've spent most of this morning checking for updates on ESPN and these forums.
  8. Anyone watch Hard Knocks? Davis's voice is like a chipmunk's. Think Chris Tucker type high voice. We don't need that on our team.
  9. I have no doubt that he's trying to make the team better. I agree 100% with that. I'm just saying that from the outside it looks like he's leaving "stones unturned." That may or may not be the case, but when the majority of the team's trades are from 2 out of 32 teams in the league, it raises some legitimate (in my opinion) questions. With that being said, I've never been a GM and I have no idea how it works so I'll accept that trading with the Eagles/Ravens may provide the best value, given Pagano's/Grigson's connections with the teams.
  10. Does Grigson realize there are 30 other teams out there he can also trade with?
  11. To get this thread back on topic though, I agree with all the posters above who say that our first stringers need the reps. I have no problems with our first-teamers playing deep into the second half.
  12. Whose fault it was is debatable, and arguably irrelevant. Bottom line is, Vick could have done more to protect himself.
  13. This guy hit it right on the head. This is THE crucial analysis when it comes to the concussion issues. The whole point is to give the players informed consent. If I were Goodell, I'd be discouraging teams from cutting players or otherwise hindering concussed players from continuing their careers. What we don't want is players hiding concussions. Once players start hiding concussions, they don't have the opportunity to get a full medical analysis / informed consent, and that's part of the reason the NFL is in the legal mess that it's in right now with retired players.
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