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  1. Sorry to burst your grammatically superior bubble, but I believe its actually 'corps' buddy
  2. i think he just meant that it was a pointless post tbh. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. some of you are acting like he paid top dollar for the man, i mean if he isn't any good we can cut him before the season without consequence its really a no-risk situation
  4. if Luck gets less than $20 million per year, the colts got an absolute bargain
  5. We essentially had two strong safeties starting last year
  6. No, what i'm saying is (without seeing the exact contract details) that the broncos most likely handed out big signing bonuses to be able afford these big contracts in the first place. So even if these players don't deteriorate enough to get cut for their presumably high salaries towards the end of their contracts, the total cap hit from their signing bonuses plus their salaries will be quite hefty. This will restrict their ability to re-sign their own players in the future ( Von Miller, possibly even Brock Osweiler?) and force them to make very tough decisions. Unless one can draft extremely
  7. They'll essentially have a heap of cap taken up by dead money from cuts as signing bonus money counting from previous years. They'll have no QB and a heap of expensive, over the hill players and not much cap room to be able to get those players off the books and get a decent replacement for them. They'll need to draft extremely well to be able to get through this period without having to go through a major rebuild.
  8. Apart from our obvious positions of strength (QB and TE), it would be stupid not to go BPA at the top of our draft. We just don't have enough draft picks to reach for someone because of their position
  9. No way! If i know we have a team good enough to get to the superbowl three times, then there's no way i'd settle for just a single Lombardi
  10. Of course he'd be good to sign! Not many teams would want him, so he'd be cheap, and if he tries guard and sucks at it, he's still an upgrade as a backup tackle anyway
  11. I'm from Australia, my brother and dad are Raiders fans. The first things i ever new about NFL (around 2004) was that the raiders were terrible and Peyton was a God. Also Blue and white were the colours of the team i played for in Aussie rules football. Ten years on and i couldn't be happier with my choice
  12. I respect that you have a faith and what not, but come on, God before family? Priorities man
  13. I believe BB quite often likes to play his best corner on the wr2, and play his weaker corner on wr1 with safety help over the top
  14. Its also Luck's job to not throw interceptions, and T-rich's job to gain yards instead of fumble, but things don't always turn out to plan
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