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  1. Was this actually a beach? Or was it the set they did the moon landing on? Just during the day......hm....
  2. Totally agree. McDaniels all had but signed the contract. I respect Ballard for taking ownership of it. But what it looks like, is this all came out of left field. I am one glad he changed his mind. I don’t want a coach who doesn’t want to be here.
  3. Yes he was and he fell behind. I feel though and I would say most do; is that this is different. He is doing things differently. It appears from reports that they learned from the process last time around. But with this current process there is no way we can know of his “schedule”. There is no need to throw right now. I would assume most qbs are on vacation and not throwing right now. Infact i would argue Luck is doing more than any other qb to have a successful year next year. Do we all want him healthy? Absolutely. Do we want him 100%? Absolutely. Tha
  4. So I guess please let us know where Luck is in his schedule and where he should be? Would they like him throwing a football? Sure. But he’s working on his throwing motion and mechanics to be a better quarterback. Since were a few months away from training camp. Why rush and mess up the progress? This all seams normal and was not done the first time around. I think that’s what your “99%” heard.
  5. This is entirely accurate. Dakich broke the whole JMV Reporting Dave Taub mess, while it was just an opinion JMV had. While Dan has moments of great radio there are segments that are just to much. He gets caught up on certain things. Go back and listen to him and Doyle the last time Doyle was on there. Dan tried to come at him strong and his argument made no sense halfway through. But he does have a 3 hour show and I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to have it all be good all the time.
  6. I know it’s still early February. But this must be the post of the year.
  7. I think being on the same page is important. Good job ( Charles good job sound bit from Dan Dakich show)
  8. The frustration for me lies with what I thought the colts were going to do was have competition at each position. That seems to be the case except for the qb position. Morris far outplayed Tolzien in the preseason. If they know scott is not a backup then don't let him be your backup/starter. i agree with your assessment
  9. Morris should start with Brissett as the backup. Morris knows the offense well. Would be less handicapped with him. But yes release Tolzien right away.
  10. 30 minutes all you got...don't judge or it could be 30 minutes of Paganoisms... this week: iron sharpens iron next week: grit weeks3-8: the Process
  11. If I were them I'd keep the earmuffs and blinders on. Respect this process
  12. I'd treat this like anything else if I was Pagano. Ear muffs and blinders. Respect the process.
  13. Gotta hate those nfl all products wide receiver. All he does is try to sell stuff to the other team the whole game. Be it video games or Tv's. That guy is all products.
  14. I don't think its ever to late to get a win. This just seems like a win that could get this team Rollin. I think The Colts play the Titans the following week. I know the team lacks talent and all that stuff, but there still NFL players. As players at some point you gotta play. Seems like tonight in prime time would be a good time to do so. All the sacks/passing yards given up/ the points allowed... all that stuff has zero baring on tonights game. Just win this one and start rollin.
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