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  1. Now, I understand that Trent Richardson is only 4 weeks new to the Colts offense. The problem is that we have a star Running Back that is being used for blocking schemes and diversions. This guy was drafted 3rd overall and put up big rushing numbers and TD's last year for a failing Cleveland Browns team. This was a big trade for the Colts organization that can propel them to another level, when it comes to being a Super Bowl contending offense. This gives the Colts a better opportunity to manage the clock, control the tempo of the game, and keep momentum on our side. I know there is much more to any team than the offense but truth be told, we have not seen a good run game since Edgarrin James. Our team cannot continue to rely on the arm and smarts of Andrew Luck and the wise veteran play of Reggie Wayne. This team needs to bolster its offensive line's run blocking ability and work closely with the young and upcoming players such as T.Y Hilton, Trent Richardson, Coby Fleener, Darius Heyward-Bey, and many others that have shown the ability to play effectively in our offense. My point to all this is simple. Its extremely important to have a run game that can slow the game down for Andrew Luck to develop plays and get the opposing defense confused and always guessing. Get T. Richardson involved by giving him more plays up the middle, stretch outside, and screen passes out of the backfield to open up our playbook. We have the players needed to create lanes in the run game and T. Richardson is more than capable of catching out of the backfield. Lets get our head in the game and stop playing from behind or relying on the arm of Andrew Luck. We did that for many years with Peyton Manning (except with Edgarrin James, but we had a defense that could not stop the old defeated Buccaneers from 1976) and it took 8 years to finally win a Super Bowl. Lets figure this out and make the improvements where needed and take some pressure off our 2nd year Quarterback!
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