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  1. The problem is that we are not using the guys that can make plays correctly. Why are we using Richardson to block every play. Why are we not using dump passes and screens to keep the opposing defense true. Why are we not setting up our offense with good run plays to effectively utilize the play action that we have always been so good at? Get the playmakers involved and use the RB's and TE's to open up the offensive schemes.
  2. Now, I understand that Trent Richardson is only 4 weeks new to the Colts offense. The problem is that we have a star Running Back that is being used for blocking schemes and diversions. This guy was drafted 3rd overall and put up big rushing numbers and TD's last year for a failing Cleveland Browns team. This was a big trade for the Colts organization that can propel them to another level, when it comes to being a Super Bowl contending offense. This gives the Colts a better opportunity to manage the clock, control the tempo of the game, and keep momentum on our side. I know there is much
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