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  1. I just dont get it. Why don't Colt fans demand Excellence?? WHY? Why are you content with Beating the jags, texans, titans yearly and then getting bashed by the Steelers, Pats and every other good team in the NFL? Its a complete joke. AFC South title here we come and you fans are perfectly ok with that.
  2. I AGREE...Pagano has everyone fooled into believing he's a good HC. Why because he's a nice guy?? What a joke. Team never prepared, Gets crushed by physical teams, bad draft picks, never addresses O-line..should I continue?
  3. God....How can anyone post a positive comment about this terrible squad? Yeah we are a crap team in a crap division and will get our teeth kicked in if we are LUCKY enough to limp into the playoffs. So exciting
  4. Enough excuse !!! Here is the reason the Colts lose to Good teams......THE ROSTER IS FILLED WITH SOFT JELLY DONUTS! Teams beat them up! Teams reflect their HC, Steelers always physical and tough like Tomlin, Pats are always out thinking teams and beating you with X's & O's that comes from the Hoodie....Colts would rather give the other team a nice big hug & sloppy kiss and that comes from a weak HC like Pagano
  5. ^^^^ I can't believe people still make excuses for Pagano. Maybe we should give him another 5 years to get things straight.....Give me a break. This is a win now league and Andrew Luck isn't getting younger and has been beat up every single year since 2012. Who do we blame for the terrible O-line year after year? How about the soft D year after year? The buck stops with the HC and even though he's a nice guy, he's not even a decent HC
  6. Colts just can't beat good teams. End of story. Soft D, Terrible O-line, what else needs to be said
  7. Lets hear it from all the diehard colts supporters....... We will still win the AFC South. So sick of this crap. SOFT SOFT SOFT. RAY LEWIS said it best....this team and organization did nothing to improve this offseason and look worse then they did in 2014
  8. This team is soft, no attitude, not physical, not prepared and it starts with the HC. I like Chuck, he seems like a very nice guy. I would have no issues with him watching my kids for the weekend but as far as him being a leader of men.......Not so much. And I've been on here reading about people saying about his time with the Ravens and that team having attitude. I'm from that area and let me tell u, that was ALL about Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, T-Sizzle. Chuck was just along for the ride in Baltimore. Again.....very nice guy, just not a leader that is needed in today's NFL.
  9. Richie Incognito was the Bills' highest graded offensive player on Pro Football Focus. Despite the team's overall struggles in run blocking, Incognito received a 3.5 overall grade for his play including a 2.4 for his run blocking. In Incognito's first NFL game in over a year, he looked like he hadn't missed a single game. That's a positive sign for the Bills' offensive line going forward.
  10. Seeing the Colts have the same issues year after year after year after year
  11. Playing in the soft AFC South gives this organization a false sense of security & masks all the issues this teams has. Every single time the Colts go toe to toe with a physical, above average team the Colts have issues. It's not the end of the world because of course the Colts will win the South and everyone will think things are fine but in the Playoffs barring a Luck "doing it all on his own" performance , this team will get stomped. Nothing was addressed or fixed in the offseason. Same old same old. O-line is soft as baby S***, instead of adding a tone setting Defensive player in the dr
  12. Yeah why bother to fix problems with best players available?? I'm surprised we didn't draft a backup QB with the 29th pick. Pats sit back with the LAST pick in the draft and get the #12 ranked player and a position we needed to fill.
  13. YES YES YES....without Luck this is a 5-11 squad. Colts were pitiful vs the top tier teams this season but making it this far ( minus a Bengals team who had no AJ Green or starting TE and vs a beat up manning) only gives ownership the false hope that this team is close and it's really not
  14. Why does a franchise that has proven they are one of the elite organizations in the NFL continue to do all these little nonesense tricks? It made ZERO difference in the game vs Indy because NE could have won that game using a beachball, but its the fact they feel the need to always do shady % when they have no reason to is just pitiful and takes away a little of the respect this organization has earned. I guess that's why Hall of Fame coach Don Shula ,the winningest coach in NFL history, refers to NE's coach as “Belichick”
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