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  1. Total yards going to be negative at the half? FOUR straight three and outs. Humiliating.
  2. I will consider this game a success if the Colts somehow score. Even if it's 56-3 and it's against their backups. You can't get shut out by this bad of a defense when you're going to get 10 possessions.
  3. Well, 17-0. Felt like they would get a TD now. Can the Colts get a first down against one of the worst defenses to ever take the field in the NFL? We're about to find out!
  4. First downs in this game will look better by the end, they'll pull their starters but could still be 35-3 or 35-4 or so. Just embarrassing.
  5. It's possibly the worst quarter played by any team in any game in playoff history. So yeah, not good.
  6. Look probably very few of us thought this would be a win. 185 yards to 12, 10 first downs to 0. This team quit. They're getting completely manhandled on both sides of the ball. Sure KC has a good offense. Did anyone see them against the Rams? 3 three and outs is so ridiculous. My prediction- KC doesn't punt in this game, and they get up by at least 6 TD at some point in the game. It's a shame to look this bad at the end of a nice season.
  7. 10 first downs to 0 AND they kicked off. 10 first downs in the first quarter. Yeah, they're a better team but this is one of the worst quarters in the history of the NFL playoffs.
  8. 154 yards already and Colts had the ball first. This is historic.
  9. It's about pride now. At least don't set any records today. Needed to play a perfect game to win, that didn't happen. Just don't completely embarrass yourselves.
  10. You kidding? It's over now. There was very little margin for error.
  11. Exactly right. If you can't get open against THIS team playing man coverage- just wow. Snow or no snow, cut everyone besides Hilton.
  12. Has a team ever not gotten a first down in a whole playoff game?
  13. I think this will be 56-14 or something crazy. Very disappointing, may end up the worst divisional round game of all time. We quit already.
  14. That's ball game. Still exceeded expectations this year but it's a shame to have the game not even be competitive for half a quarter.
  15. Wow. One of the worst starts you could see. Embarrassing. Still a good season. See you next year.
  16. I may catch some flack but I think if this team gets down more than 7 this is over.
  17. The trouble is you have TRICH who is maybe the greatest back in Colts history. Not sure where Donald Brown fits in now.
  18. Almost looks like TRICH and Donald Brown had a Lindsay Lohan/Jamie Lee Curtis Freaky Friday experience. He is eating up all of TRICH's touches.
  19. Why is Donald Brown playing when you have a weapon like Trent Richardson in your arsenal?
  20. Trend Richardson is literally the best running back in NFL history. He's almost up to 3 YPC after 120 carries. Get him 350 carries and this juggernaut will have 1000 yards.
  21. I think it's pretty obvious. TRICH will have 30 carries for 275 yards and 4 TD to win this game. Or, he might have 13 carries for 13 yards. Crystal ball is a little fuzzy.
  22. It's not about Luck it's about Trent Richardson who is the greatest running back in NFL history if only the Colts knew how to use him.
  23. The "nay sayers" are all out making their plans to go to Canton when Trent Richardson is enshrined. Could be the greatest back in NFL history.
  24. TRich is a 3.5 ypc back for over 300 carries. I cant think of a back in history that has put up those kind of numbers for more than his first full season and been good. He'll get better in pass protection but there's nowhere to go but up. I would have preferred the Colts get McGahee and keep that first round pick.
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