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  1. With the way it all went down .......Im now a Peyton fan first then Colts because without Peyton where would the Colts be......................NO CLASS ENDING IMHO
  2. I will only say this and then Im done with the Peyton talk...........If not for PETON MANNING there is no Lucas Oil Stadium and Indy has no pro football team. There are some fans like myself that know its all just part of football and these things happen but this should not be one of them, Peyton Manning is bigger than the "horseshoe" because without him there is no shoe in INDY...........GOOD LUCK Peyton and thank you for all the good times, I will always be a Colts fans but because of what you have done and still will do for Indy I will always pull for you FIRST because true "INDY" fans owe you that and we know THE HORSESHOE WAS NAILED HERE BECAUSE OF YOU!
  3. I wish Manning the best and I say that as a fan that knows no matter how much he has made $$$$ its not even close to what he is/was worth. I like many others want to see Manning back in BLUE but only if thats what he wants and if a SB comes first to him now then I say more power to him but if he wants to stay here MAKE IT HAPPEN. The truth is most NFL fans are fickle and only see the now..............I will always pull for the Colts but JIM is wrong about one thing that other owners could say and be 100% right on the money and thats is ..."the Horseshoe..it is bigger than any individual.....ect ect " Well Jim, its not bigger than than the man that nailed the shoe to INDY, the man that made you look like a HOF owner and put a ring on your hand, without Manning Indy has no team and you are what you are.............Maybe Im what most would call a fool for my stance on Manning but fickle Im not.
  4. This is more P/R ^cowpatties^ to get fans talking about old broke neck Peyton and its seems to work pretty good.................. until the man signs on with another team and we get to see the same Peyton that took the colts to the playoffs year after year. Why is it that so many fans feel like Peyton would keep playing football "KNOWING" that he will not be in good form, If Peyton cant play the game at a high level then he is sure to walk away and there is no doubt in my mind about that.
  5. I feel the same (pains me to say that) and today was all about the P/R game because Jim knows its time to start getting the fans on his side............In the end Peyton gets ran out of the house he built IMO
  6. It doesnt matter if you like Manning or not.....want him gone or wish Jim would keep him .....The bottom line is Manning deserves much better than this mess, I dont feel like Jim owes him the world or the money for that matter but you cant read the rehab comments and not see that THE MAN that has made the Colts the "COLTS" has been put on the back burner and is being treated like some nobody. Thats not even getting into the fact that Grigson only finds a min to say HI while bumping into Manning ........If we have to part ways with Manning IT NEEDS TO BE WITH CLASS and there seems to be a big lack of respect for the Man that has put Indy on the map. I just dont like what Im starting to see here and thats as positive as I can be.
  7. All the "Manning might not ever resemble himself" talk is just crazy! YES, it might be true but if we stop letting emotions get the best of us we would know Manning is just not gonna play the game if he is not up to par its just not the kind of man he is. My gut tells me that Manning knows what he has left right now and by the time we are ready to make the call on LUCk he will be sure that everyone knows. There is no question in my mind that he will do what is best for Colts before anyone else. We also know that if there is one thing that this season has shown its that we must pick up a QB no matter what, Even if manning calls its quits and we draft luck there is no way that we dont try to pick up a quality back up.....Manning or Luck goes down and were left with the same mistake that haunted this year and who wants to be the fool that made that call lol. ( Dan is not the answer) All that said lets not forget Irsay made it clear that ""if"" Manning is good to go.....(that means all he has to do is ask with a man like Manning) he will stay a Colt. Im not gonna say if its the right thing or not but I feel like no matter what we do without Manning the next few years are gonna see a lot more losses than most new Colts fans are accustom to, and who better to stop the bleeding over the next year or two than the Man who made a career out of it. He has proven that he can take a 2-13 team and carry them to the post season year after year. The last thing you have to keep in mind is that Manning has proven its not about money and he will resturcture his contract to help his team..........I can see a Colts team less a few aging players but I think given what we know, Manning pending good health has a backup named Luck next year when he should be on the phone with SF going after rings with the few years he has left.
  8. We are soon to be down the only man that can keep fans in the stands.........One word for ya! "MIAMI" and if that means nothing to ya then I can see why you might want to see us win vs Jax. Be real boys the first pick this year is just not some every year #1 its gonna bring a lot to the table and we havent seen a top pick in a very long time. As for the comment about we have made it by with out high picks for this long ???????????????Does anyone need to reply on that
  9. I feel its about the same thing also, If you pull your starters in a close game like we did/have its like saying it doesnt matter if we win and im fine with that. This next game vs JAX we should have the same outlook. Im pulling for Jax and looking at it for what it is; a REAL chance to have a good pick to work with that we have not had in ...................................................................................................................................How long has it been lol
  10. Why for the love of God would you trade ONE WIN for a the best #1 pick in the last 10 to 15 years( keep or trade)............am I missing something here or ... lol
  11. For all of you fans that dont understand just how bad this win might have hurt are future I have ONE WORD for ya.........."""Miami""" and if you dont understand there is nothing more to say.
  12. How can some of you fans not see that a loss tonight would have made this team stronger......Im not looking at the now Im looking at the next 5,6 ,10 years ect This was a game that can come back to haunt us for a long aztime...Its doesnt make you a Colt hater just means you are looking at the long haul and not not some pointless win. They did there job but it could have did more damage in the long run.....It does not feel good to say that but Im not goona look away from the facts .....keep or trade the #1 IS BIG TIME THIS YEAR BOYS!
  13. You do play to win the game but its sad to think that a game/win with no meaning can cost us so much for years and years to come......if we beat the Jags there is a good chance that 2 or 3 years form now we could be the next Miami and that makes me sick .........how many ^cowpatties^ QB's have they been through now. It hurts me to say this but I hope we dont win next Sun because I know it's one of the few times it will make us stronger and thats a fact. MAKE NO MISTAKE... NO BLAME HERE I KNOW THEY ARE JUST DOING THERE JOB
  14. Its hard to say it...... but we did not need to win this game, its a pointless win that could cost us for a long time to come. That said I dont blame any player, they just did there job. wow good feelings mixed with bad tonight and it makes me sick to think how much a win can cost you when its worth nothing at this point.
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