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  1. No way the NFL admits any fault....just like they destroyed the SpyGate files
  2. What. You take this hit, you lose the weight and you prove everyone wrong next year. I guess thats what happens when you've been a star all your life and everyone has always told you how great you are.
  3. Oh man. Russell Wilson and Tom Brady with two weeks of hype? ESPN would be having its day. The two darlings of the NFL...I don't think I'd watch/read anything NFL until the game.
  4. Is the game even still being played, what's the point?
  5. There is no way they put Browner on TY...way too fast, and small for browner to be physical with him at the line
  6. Who do we put vontae on this time? Gronk? I know its unconventional but we have to take him out somehow
  7. Like you said yourself, he doesn't seem to be someone with an ego. So I don't know if he really needs to be humbled.
  8. Why do us fans have to only look ahead to Denver? The Patriots/Ravens happens Saturday, we'll all be watching, and we'll be rooting for one team or the other. Now if it was the other way around...MAYBE we would be talking less about New England and more about taking care of our own business. Furthermore, we as fans don't have to keep focused on any opponent. That's why our favorites get paid millions of dollars, and we pay to watch them. Edit: Typo
  9. I saw Jeremy Hill do the same thing yesterday when he ran over a bronco....stood over him and started saying something. Why didn't he get a penalty? EVERY play has someone taunting, and if you're going to enforce it, don't pick and choose.
  10. Going to have a hard time deciding between the games, especially if it gets snowy in Lambeau....and although I do think the Lions/Packers game will feature better football, nothing beats winner take all games.
  11. Coaches salaries don't count against the cap, so why aren't the best candidates outrageously compensated like everything else in sports? I mean if good coaches are at a premium, and they are, then why doesn't Harbaugh or Bill Belichick deserve 10 million?
  12. Truth be told, I'd rather face New England right away. What's the point of potentially getting to the AFC Championship game if we're going to lose to them anyway? If we go there, beat them, I think that momentum alone can take us over the top. If we can't, well, that's what we've thought all along.
  13. You couldn't put this opinion in your other thread here (that you just started)? http://forums.colts.com/topic/33989-no-excuse-for-this-performance/
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