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  1. I don't know, Lane Kiffen just benched him....I think it had to do a lot with character and work ethics more than injuries.
  2. I had hopes for Gallippo. Guess he just lost his focus. Maybe He will get signed to a practice squad somewhere.
  3. As much as that game makes me want to kick Nick Harper in the face....if we had won that I would not have felt good about it, because that Troy Polamalu pick was 100 percent legit. We shouldn't have even been in a position to come back.
  4. I'm not touching a board until week 5 is over. I really like Mathieu and I think everyone will change their mind about him when the season is over.
  5. Luck threw an average of about 1 pick per game, so don't expect him to do better than a 2-1 ratio his rookie season. Peyton Manning threw 35+ TDs and 11 int in 13 games and Mark Sanchez threw 35+ TD's and 10 INT in 13 games.....Luck threw 35+ TD's and 10 INT. We all say how many INT's Sanchez and Manning put up their rookie seasons.
  6. These are all highlight reels. Some groups are kind enough to compile what can be closely called film (not exactly as good as paid scouts use but close) where they analyze every play a player participates in. There is none of Chism, but there are complete footage of that game he got a FF in, where they show every defensive play...and Chism did pretty bad in that game...I mean real bad....except for that FF. But I can't make a judgment on anybody over 1 game...but unless people in here have watched 2 or more maryland games, nobody besides scouts and Terps fans knows if this guy is actually good enough to make a team or not.
  7. I"m not super high on Him as a top 10 pick Corner (YET) but I've heard they may put this guy at safety, either way the guy is incredibly talented...he has football instincts that are out of this world, and that puts him at top ten consideration. I figure him a a top ten talent whose height gives him a downside...but anybody saying his is bad in coverage skills is a complete, especially if you judging off of one game.
  8. If you look at Mathieu and you don't see top 10 pick written all over him....You have to ask question your ability to scout talent. If you don't see a Bob Sanders without the injury problems in this kid...I mean...if Amerson had this guys Instincts, he'd be the greatest projected CB since Dieon Sanders. If Mathieu was only 3 inches taller he's be taken over Amerson easily. Don't dismiss him because of his size.
  9. You Bozos don't even realize that Mathieu plays a lot of and is projected as a Safety. We just finished our first draft and you guys are already making major mistakes. Bad in covereage...give me a break...when have you ever seen Mathieu slip up in coverage?
  10. I got a Jeff George around here somewhere. I'm sure it's worth millions by now.
  11. Maybe...I think Galippo is a beast when he is in beast mode. He just needs to capitalize on his opportunity now. He lost his job as a starter because the Coach supposedly saw a huge lack in effort.
  12. I've been bickering with people over the "Size" of LB in a 3-4 and I don't really thing weight and height really make a difference. I mean, I checked and a lot of the LB for 3-4 are over 6-2, but most of those same teams didn't make the playoffs soooooo....
  13. Maybe he can come back. Imagine, Fleener, Clark and Allen on a 3 TE play action...the Defense would like, F this I quit.
  14. Watch that Stanford USC game. They ran lots of 3 TE sets, and they were 80% run. I was a Trojan fan, and I think I re-missed that memory to the back of my brain because I didn't notice how much they did it until I saw a replay, scouting Fleener. It's very effective, especially against 4-3 teams. All you need is a RB that isn't afraid to pound for that extra yard.
  15. The question is. If we have David Amerson and Robert Woods on our boards at the same time. Which one do we pick. It's very rare for a Guy like Robert, even with his talents to do what he did while on the same team as Turner and Marquis Lee. Shows that he's not selfish. He proably runs a 4.38 forty yard dash. He the best prospect since A.J. Green. Amerson...Doesn't look that fast on tape, may run a 4.55 I don't really know, but the guy obviously uses his Measurables to max potential. I mean, what I we can get a Taller Charles Woodson. If Amerson shows his skill this year, and shows the league he can run under a 4.5 man, I wouldn't know which of the 2 to take.
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