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  1. This league handed us a win last week...Thanks refs!
  2. BadLuck

    peyton vs rg3

    I know. These folks in the Midwest...
  3. Brady is overrated. He came into to a perfect situation. Brady possesses nary an elite talent. Except for maybe "tucking".
  4. Never said he was a bust. He's just wayyyyyyy overhyped. See this weeks fraudulent AFC POTW as exhibit #3.14*10^4
  5. BadLuck

    peyton vs rg3

    Your optimism is cute. This kid has done very little. Horrible rookie season. Pick after pick after pick. Decent start in year 2, but now that the best player on offense is out, our season might be going down the toilet.
  6. BadLuck

    peyton vs rg3

    The D/ST was the reason for that. You do know there are 3 phases of the game?
  7. BadLuck

    peyton vs rg3

    Our team won the game. Not Luck. He's more Alex Smith than Peyton.
  8. BadLuck

    peyton vs rg3

    He had knee surgery. Didn't play in preseason. Well, he hasn't had a first half in his entire career as bad as Luck's second half was against the worst pass defense in the league. Yet Luck still got a fraudulent AFC POTW due to the NFL's desire to replace Peyton's marketability in the Midwest market.
  9. He was. His second half was the stuff of practice squad scrubs.
  10. Ram's management has failed Bradford. Kid could have been top flight.
  11. BadLuck

    peyton vs rg3

    What alternate universe do you live in? RG3 absolutley destroyed Luck last year, and round 2 is still ongoing.
  12. Please do explain how he is top 10. And please don't bring up 4th quarter comebacks. That's just media drivel. John Skelton has more 4th quarter comebacks thatn Aaron Rodgers, so he's better right?
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