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  1. 2011: Colts go 2-14 2012: Chiefs go 2-14; Colts go 11-5 and lose in the Wild Card round to Baltimore, future Super Bowl champs. 2013: Chiefs go 11-5 and lose to Indy in Wild Card round...
  2. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000263546/article/colts-must-place-offense-in-andrew-lucks-hands 1. Dropped passes 2. TRich sucks 3. Defense sucks 4. Pep Hamilton sucks 5. Coby Fleener sucks 6. Offensive line sucks I couldn't tell if I was reading an article or a forum post. Ha. Seriously though, this place gets pretty dark after a loss...
  3. Way too early to predict, but I have to ask why you think this one will be so high scoring... As of right now, the Chiefs have, arguably, the best defense in the NFL, and the Colts are averaging 15.8 def points per game...
  4. To be fair, I lurk quite a bit, and I can't name one post I read recently calling out our loss to the Dolphins... I think most posters here recognize there is probably more talent on that team than we foresaw this year. PERSONALLY (not shouting, just clarifying), at this point in the season, I could see them as an AFC wildcard playoff team.
  5. Yessir! Something to that effect. I don't think she was quite as happy when the game went beyond regulation, but a deal is a deal. I got to watch the end.
  6. You said it! Not me! But I have been thinking it. BUT you have to admit they both have their advantages... On that blown coverage against Miami, Landry chased that WR down and prevented a TD. (Plus he's just a huge badbutt.) And Howell has been playing some tight coverage, most notably against SF, if I recall. I think it'll be really interesting to see how Howell is used (now that he's proven himself) when Landry is 100%.
  7. I was really hoping he'd be back for the Chargers first though. No doubt Landry is a plus versus Denver either way, but I'd rather he get some more game action versus the Chargers first. Facing Peyton your first game back can't be fun?
  8. D'awwww. But also very relatable... My mom must've been in a very good mood considering the score that Monday night in 2003. Still probably my favorite football memory...
  9. The safety points came off a Colt's punt that was blocked back into our own end zone and almost recovered for a Seahawks TD, but instead rolled out the back of the end zone before possession changed hands. (Essentially the same as fumbling out of bounds in your own end zone. Results in safety.) Pretty sure that's accurate...
  10. OP reminds me of this one... Maybe I just like it for the Chargers degradation though...
  11. I won't argue with that. I was initially thinking 4. 2 on each side, but I had to err in the favor of Luck. Compromise? 3 and 2? 2 great + turnover teams, with 2 young talented QBs, and 2 great secondaries. Something's gotta give. I'm smelling turnovers.
  12. But surriously... 21 carries / 75 yards (long =15) / 1 reception / 7 yards / 0 TDs / 2 game changing blitz-pickup blocks
  13. You took the words right outta' my mouth. Remember when the Colt's Sweep was synonymous with 2 yard loss? Heh.
  14. No score prediction... I'm predicting a heavy defensive battle. 3 interceptions. The secondary with 2 out of the 3 wins. Go Colts!
  15. If anyone is actually complaining about this win it's gotta be because they're too used to the explosive offense the Colts usually showcase... Alternatively, everyone that's super excited about this showing MIGHT expect us to go punch every team right in the mouth from here on out... I think what's really important to take away from this game is that... When it comes down to it, this team CAN put a game away. This team CAN win decisively. I think as the season goes on we'll start to see a lot more balance... Think about the Broncos game we face ahead... Now we know we can run effectively. But we'll also have to score a lot more and pass effectively. Play action is going to be huge... Way more effective that it ever was with Peyton here. (No offense to Peyton, he just never had that real 'pounding' RB) Basically, I agree, I'm excited about this new Colt's mentality, and I can't wait to see how we even still evolve as a team going forward...
  16. "The Answer" ... Too presumptuous? .
  17. (Usually I hate whining about officiating, but it was hard to ignore the poor officiating in this game...) Momentum is big deal, especially in a close game like this... Coming out at halftime we get a big 3-and-out, march down the field, and score a touchdown... That would've been a huge momentum swing our way, probably would've changed the entire way the second half played out. Just to get called back. Then there's plays like the ridiculous spot on the turnover on downs... Would've been another big momentum swing... Instead there's all the time stoppage for measuring, making Pagano challenge, even more time stoppage... Killed momentum again... (And of course there are the other no-calls and poor calls that I didn't mention.) I guess I won't go so far as to say the refs cost us the game. We did still have chances to win it at the end. But it was extremely frustrating.
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