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  1. Agreed. There's rumors he may be as gone as soon as 7 to the Bucs. James has been my favorite prospect this whole draft cycle.
  2. Derwin James. He's a player you can continue to build a defense around and a player that can rally others around him in the locker room. If the Colts trade pick 3 and walk away with Roquan Smith and Derwin James, I would be extremely happy.
  3. I personally believe the team needs as much top end talent as possible and am hoping to trade back a couple times to accumulate as many chances as possible at selecting difference-makers. I am also under the assumption that Ballard will try to fix the line in free agency and therefore didn't address it until late in the draft. I would first trade the 3rd pick to the Jets for the 6th and 37th picks. Then I would trade the 6th pick to the Bills (assuming theres a quarterback they want) for the 21st, 22nd and 53rd picks as well as Shaq Lawson. If there is a possibility to trade for Bobby Wagner, as mentioned elsewhere, then I send the 53rd pick for him as well. From there my draft would look something like this: 1st Round, Pick 21 Derwin James, SS, FSU 1st Round, Pick 22 Arden Key, OLB, LSU 2nd Round, Pick 36 Trenton Thompson, DT, Georgia 2nd Round, Pick 37 Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M 3rd Round, Pick 67 J.C. Jackson, CB, Maryland 4th Round, Pick 100 Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida James becomes the answer to oppossing tight ends and running backs which have plagued the Colts in the past. Key would hopefully become the Colts edge rusher of the future. Thompson is added to a strong D-Line to push the pocket from the interior. Kirk and Callaway are added to help round out the receiving corp with Hilton. Jackson is either added depth or a future starter at corner.
  4. Damien Harris from Alabama could go under the radar.
  5. With Anderson emerging like he did and Parry playing as solid as he was, if Arthur Jones is healthy and added to Kendall Langford and a later round guy like Chris Jones then I actually really like our defensive line rotation. Our linebacker corps could be better and younger and adding Jaylon would eventually help but I don't believe our next star pass-rusher is going to come from this draft. Next year's draft should be really deep with good pass-rushers.
  6. I understand that normally we don't have a pick as high as 18 but I believe that if they hadn't been injured, Fuller and Smith would both be potential selections at 18. I think this draft is one where the depth of the draft happens to align with some of the team's biggest needs and it would be wise to give ourselves more chances to grab impact players.
  7. I've yet to see anything conclusion about Smith having nerve damage. I believe that it was mostly just speculation because of a doctor's comments about the type of brace Jaylon was wearing. The reason that I think Jenkins may be available in the 4th is that I don't think he has the ability to be an everyday pass-rusher and the Sam linebacker isn't usually considered a position worth a premium pick.
  8. I wouldn't mind going offensive line with the first two picks but I believe the staff has enough confidence in Thornton and Mewhort to wait until later on to pick a guard. Perhaps its just me, but when I see Correa, I can't help but have flashbacks to Shea McClellin. I'm a big fan of Karl Joseph but due to his small size and his already torn ACL, I would have concerns about his durability. I'm also not sure the Colts want to select a running back given that they've already brought in a couple during free agency. I could understand if they picked a running back later in the draft but given that next year's draft is loaded, they could wait until next year.
  9. To my knowledge, it was never confirmed that Jaylon has nerve damage. Its a legitimate concern, but I've yet to see anything definitive. I will readily acknowledge that I don't know much about the nerve issue, but I thought I had read somewhere that even if the nerve was damaged, it could "reawaken" and he would be okay. I used the value chart to make that trade. According to the chart, those two 2nd round picks are slightly more valuable than our 1st. I can't imagine any team giving us a 1st and a 2nd or 3rd. The value wouldn't even come close to the 18th pick for that return.
  10. My thought is that the Colts would be best served trading down from their pick at 18 and the ideal trading partner is the Rams and their two 2nd round picks. The Rams could get another first round pick to make a splash while moving. They could either grab a quarterback and wide receiver or they could use the two first round picks to trade up for Jared Goff to stay home and be the face of their franchise. The Colts would, in return, get two chances to fill some of the holes in the roster. With that in mind, the Colts would have three 2nd round picks. 43-Kendall Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech 45-Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama 48-Jaylon Smith, ILB, Notre Dame 82-Chris Jones, DT, Mississippi State 116-Jordan Jenkins, OLB, Georgia 155-TJ Green, S, Georgia 239-Marquez North, WR, Tennessee Fuller is a great prospect that Pagano can help mold into a really good corner opposite Davis. Kelly steps in and becomes an anchor on the offensive line and helps to keep Luck clean. Smith is the big gamble but the risk is that he can eventually come back and be the face of our defense. The added bonus of Smith is that he's a home-town kid. Jones is an underrated player that could help with the defensive line rotation and then replace Langford. Jenkins steps in behind Walden as the future of the team at the Sam position. Green is an athlete that has had very little time as a safety, but hopefully with the tutelage of Pagano he can develop into a starter. North is another risk; in the very limited time that he has played, he has played well but multiple injuries have piled up and he hasn't been on the field often.
  11. Free Agents: Stefen Wisniewski, Jeff Allen, Morris Claiborne Draft: Robert Nkemdiche, Kendall Fuller, Keanu Neal, Chris Jones, Jonathan Williams and Marquez North
  12. Spence is the only one of those four that I like as a player and as a scheme fit. I still don't believe its worth trading up for him though and its not that he isn't a great prospect. There are too many holes on the team to be trading up for at this point. The defense could use another corner, some better rotational defensive linemen, at least one middle linebacker, at least one safety and of course the pass rusher. If we trade up for a pass rusher, it will likely require a couple picks that could have been used for d-linemen and a corner.
  13. We can't force the value to be there in the draft. If you need to stitch a hole then you address it in free agency. I'd trust Grigson to sign a free agent to a contract that can easily be escaped from. Vernon Oliver or Bruce Irvin or someone would be fine. I would not draft a pass rusher in the first just to say that we tried.
  14. I might take a swing on a later-round player like Alex McCalister or a free agent. I'd certainly try to wait until next year to spend a high pick on a pass rusher because the value will be much better. Myles Garret, Derek Barnett, Charles Harris, Lorenzo Carter, Peter Kalambayi, Lewis Neal, and Marquis Haynes are all among top potential picks. I'm a big fan of Noah Spence but since he's either the best or second best pass rusher, depending on how you view Bosa, and I think he'll go earlier than he should because of that. The value in this draft is elsewhere.
  15. Agreed that talent will fall in a loaded position group and this draft corner and d-lineman are those positions. I would love Nkemdiche in the first and Chris Jones in the third or fourth. Those two along with Parry, Arthur Jones, Anderson and Langford would make our pass rushers look a lot better than they are. The corners are also rather deep so a player such as Kendall Fuller in the second would be a good addition.
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