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  1. Agreed. There's rumors he may be as gone as soon as 7 to the Bucs. James has been my favorite prospect this whole draft cycle.
  2. Derwin James. He's a player you can continue to build a defense around and a player that can rally others around him in the locker room. If the Colts trade pick 3 and walk away with Roquan Smith and Derwin James, I would be extremely happy.
  3. I personally believe the team needs as much top end talent as possible and am hoping to trade back a couple times to accumulate as many chances as possible at selecting difference-makers. I am also under the assumption that Ballard will try to fix the line in free agency and therefore didn't address it until late in the draft. I would first trade the 3rd pick to the Jets for the 6th and 37th picks. Then I would trade the 6th pick to the Bills (assuming theres a quarterback they want) for the 21st, 22nd and 53rd picks as well as Shaq Lawson. If there is a possibility to trade for Bobby Wagner, as mentioned elsewhere, then I send the 53rd pick for him as well. From there my draft would look something like this: 1st Round, Pick 21 Derwin James, SS, FSU 1st Round, Pick 22 Arden Key, OLB, LSU 2nd Round, Pick 36 Trenton Thompson, DT, Georgia 2nd Round, Pick 37 Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M 3rd Round, Pick 67 J.C. Jackson, CB, Maryland 4th Round, Pick 100 Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida James becomes the answer to oppossing tight ends and running backs which have plagued the Colts in the past. Key would hopefully become the Colts edge rusher of the future. Thompson is added to a strong D-Line to push the pocket from the interior. Kirk and Callaway are added to help round out the receiving corp with Hilton. Jackson is either added depth or a future starter at corner.