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  1. Andrew Jackson, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning week 1.... War of 1812 anybody?
  2. Id have to confirm this but I'm 99% sure every football game at LOS has been a complete sell out, even during the Painter administration
  3. Thanks man, sorry I was late to the party and couldn't comb through 4 pages of comments right now
  4. Could he? sure. Will he? I seriously doubt any major changes
  5. Hopefully the NFL liked my schedule for the Rams and will fork over 100 grand.
  6. In a perfect world you'd be spot on. But you can't just pay the big name athletes. You'd have to pay everyone on the roster. And not just the football roster. Baseball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, softball, track and field, cross country, crew, basketball both men and women's, cheerleaders, gymnastics, swimmers, golf, etc. The extra money from the big name sports helps pay for these smaller programs. While players are making the school money, a lot of these other sports programs are taking major losses. Plus these athletes are getting to showcase their skills for free, which if you know AN
  7. I chose engineering over baseball, sports won't pay the bills for the vast majority of us. Why should I foot the bill for athletes who want an extra stipend in addition to their massive list of freebies?
  8. Well first off, if the NCAA is nonprofit, they shouldn't be making a profit by definition. Same with the NFL, it should not be legal. But Im paying into the system, and that covers scholarships for athletes. Thats fine, I accept that its part of college. But they get so much for free as is, in many cases academic standards are subpar for athletes and they get preferential treatment in every way imaginable. This has nothing to do with pro athletes. For example, Im an engineering major, I have to get an unpaid internship just to be able to get a job after college. This is the norm. Athletes are
  9. No they should not. Most of the players would be on full scholarships, worth in excess of $40k a year. Show me one student making $40k a year while going to school. I would be ok with them getting paid if their scholarships were revoked. Its simply unfair for them to go to school for free and have free room and in most cases meal plans, and then get paid on top of that. Meanwhile, us normal people either have to work full time while going to school or sign up for more debt than they realize, and included in our cost would be these athlete salaries. Under Title IX. colleges would have to suppor
  10. I really do not want a WR in the first 3 rounds, DB should be first priority. We have more hands than we know what to do with right now as is.
  11. Little bit of bitterness, that's it. I know it still takes a pretty good QB to win a SB, just Andrew Luck bias to the extreme
  12. Both inherited pretty good teams, didn't need elite play in order to win the Super Bowl, just safe and consistent. Their stats and situations may be comparable, but their play style couldn't be more different. Brady is a tradition pocket passer, Wilson has that ability I think but he usually has 1 or 2 reads and then goes for a sideline to sideline run to buy time (which is what I used to do with Mike Vick in Madden 04... all the stats) and then either finds a wide open receiver or tucks and scrambles. That being sad, I think just about anyone outside of Curtis Painter could have won a SB with
  13. rarely did Wilson throw more than 20-25 times a game. if he threw as much as Luck, those numbers would even out. That and his annoying scramble he does when his first 2 reads aren't open helps his passing stats. Luck has a tendency to try and force a ball every now and then, but much better this past year than his rookie year. I wish we had the running game they do.. Luck may have put up MVP numbers. Just my speculation
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