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  1. thats great i agree he was really doing well before injury he will be a force when he is back
  2. Nicks , baldwin braylon edwards already has training camp this year under his belt ?
  3. i could see us letting bethea walk if we can draft a guy like alabamas FS Ha clinton dix
  4. is it me or is mathis better setting the edge then walden
  5. IN FA go defense for cryin out loud !! 3-4 DE ? ILB ? CB? Let resign bethea Davis macaffee TOP NAMES : Brandon Browner CB Sam Shields CB Arthur Jones DE Ryan pickett NT
  6. i understand i believe if satele goes down from here i wouldnt be suprised if he gets benched but he didnt look to bad yesterday?
  7. i really wouldnt be suprised with we go after Alex Mack C from cleveland may be expensive but great investment
  8. All i can say is bring on all pro Alex Mack C from Browns
  9. feel for the guy just started to really turn a corner playing fast hope its minor
  10. RJF possibly back landry back 21-17 colts andrew luck 21 29 321 3 td 0 ints
  11. i agree with mostly everything but look at game vs seattle i tihnk we could blow them out especially if we shut down MJD
  12. I say we pick up browner if he hasnt resigned with seattle fills a need as a shutdown corner go ILB SECOND ROUND 3RD 3-4 DE
  13. ok guy RJF is gonna miss a week vs jax and your ALREADY throwing the guy under the bus ? i agree with walden never liked the signing at all i was hoping we would have brought in avril as 3-4 OLB or even Kruger ? but i still think this team is a great team and has lots of great players we just need one player on the DLINE either NT or DE who can be a force and get in the backfield more
  14. from the progression of Werner i really wouldnt be suprised if he starts stealing minutes from walden sure he may not be a true edge setter but ive seen lots of plays where hes on field more than walden
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