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  1. Landon Collins. Really I'd be ok with any offensive tackle (Flowers, Humphries, Peat), but I feel like Collins is this year's player that always gets overlooked despite oozing with talent and toughness. I'm not high on Jordan Phillips or Eddie Goldman at all. I would love to take a d-lineman here, but they're simply not good enough, and I don't believe they will ever turn out to be worth the pick.
  2. We stand by our players and coaches as irreplaceable members of an integrated ColtStrong Community. A team is seen as a group of people coming together from varying backgrounds and upbringings to accomplish the most triumphant of challenges through dedication, hard work, and perseverance. And yet, as inconceivable as it seems, a family is so much more. Families carry the sense of undying devotion to one another in their personal lives, giving forth an even greater effort to do nothing short of the impossible to ensure our brothers and sisters will never experience tragedy without friendship, a
  3. Loved Jenkins coming into the draft, hopefully he can still be a force.
  4. As far as reasons for entering the draft early, this is as best and unselfish as it gets. Players being impatient and trying to make the immature jump from one level to the next hardly ever turns out right, because of the wrong reasons.
  5. I like Houston and i think they'll make the playoffs, but not by winning their division. I also love Minnesota, but there's no way they're making the playoffs in a tough NFC.
  6. I really like the Bears but I just can't fit them in the playoffs. I don't like the Lions under Caldwell. I like Tampa but I need at least a year to consider them a playoff contender. Bridgewater wins ROY and Vikes go .500. Atlanta and Houston both bounce back, winning the playoffs. Miami goes 2-14 and holds the first overall pick.
  7. I was wondering how he did so good so late in his career... I thought he just found it in himself and Pagano helped bring it out.
  8. Probably Mewhort over Thornton, but I'd like to see Lance Louis get back to his old self and man that spot.
  9. I'm sick of every future mock draft having us picking another O-lineman in the first round, especially after we took Mewhort.
  10. Seriously? We haven't resigned this guy yet?
  11. This probably is his last year. We're paying him almost 10 mil a year, and he's in his mid 30s
  12. Never have I ever wanted to agree with someone so badly in this forum.
  13. I hope we trade away a future 3rd to nab Desir, get Carl Bradford if he's still there in the 5th (or Michael Sam if Bradford's gone).
  14. I'd go for it. I'm usually against trading away future picks, but considering we need at least one more body in the back end, and that all we'd have to give up is a third rounder, I'm all for it.
  15. Alright I like the predictions. A few of my own: 1. There will be a record number of trades in this Draft 2. Manziel is the first quarter taken 3. The solid players (Matthews, Gilbert, ) will fall, whereas potential-based prospects (Manziel, Beckham, Robinson) will be popular in the top ten. 4. Mike Glennon gets traded for a late first round pick, and then the bucs use that pick on a qb.
  16. The top 3 things I look forward to every year (besides the super bowl and draft) 1. Christmas 2. Summer Vacation 3. The Release of Andy's NFL Draft Preview Guide
  17. So there's definitely going to be a Colts trade in the draft. There always is, especially with Grigson making all the calls, so it's only a matter of time before you hear Goodell announcing the change. My question is, what do you think the trade(s) will be, and when? I know it's a wild goose chase, but who knows? Maybe one of us will be semi-close to what actually happens. I predict we will swap third round picks with the Lions, and give in next year's third rounder, and select Trai Turner. That's my prediction. What's yours?
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