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  1. My wife had a bone bruise in her ankle last year and the doctor told us that means the interior bone has fractured, just not the harder exterior of the bone. Recovery was several months including a couple months in a boot followed by lots of physical therapy. It's both painful and a long recovery time.
  2. Reitz is more valuable as the #6 guy than starting at any position because his best talent is his versatility. That's not being down on the guy, that's using his greatest talent. It's nearly guaranteed that linemen will get hurt at some point in the year and I want Reitz there to plug that hole. Can't do that if you pencil him in as a starter.
  3. I want whatever he's on. If his contract is less than 5 years, $100 million I'll eat my shoe* * assuming his shoulder injury isn't worse than being reported.
  4. Don't remember his name, but the TE coach was named interim coach. The only way firing a coach mid season makes any sense is if you think you have a good head coach as an assistant already on the team. Hard to see a guy going from TE coach to head coach overnight being successful though.
  5. Saw a reverse replay and his knee buckled. Will be shocked if he's not done for the year.
  6. Andy Dalton behind this offensive line minus Castanzo...
  7. Sure he might only last 4 years before players get tired of him but I'd be fine with that if he wins 2 or 3 super bowls during that time...
  8. He got one pressure but most of the time he was in coverage for some inexplicable reason. The little I saw of him rushing the passer looked better than I expected.
  9. Manusky has an argument to stay but Pagano and Pep should pack up their desks tonight.
  10. Has a huge free agent signing like this ever worked out well? I can't think of any and Suh came with enough red flags to field a color guard team.
  11. Is Philly ever not overrated? I expected Dallas to walk away with the NFC East this year and I've seen nothing to change that opinion.
  12. So basically Polian is saying he's some word for unintelligent that's censored on here for having a first round grade on a dude and not drafting him even when available in the sixth or he's a similar word for lying about it now. I'm picking option B here.
  13. I'm no fan of Chip Kelly, but it's ludicrous to say all his moves were awful. Turning a running back, even one as talented as McCoy into a stud young LB is a steal.
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