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  1. Last comment I'll make regarding this but if the refs call the obvious (not even subjective) false start on GB a few plays ago where they picked up a good chunk of yards, they may have been forced to punt. Therefore, the play we're talking about wouldn't even be a talking point and would end the argument quickly. And who knows, maybe the packers would've still blown the coverage and let a 70-80 yard touchdown pass happen after the punt
  2. I don't want us to hijack this thread and veer off topic too much, but I disagree. Tampa Bay wouldn't have scored 7 points if GB played defense with any common sense on that last play. Point blank, it was a bad call but there's no excuse how the packers blew that coverage in an obvious situation. This is championship level football and you don't deserve to complain when you make an obvious mental error like that. And correct, refs can play an impact on the game of course. The point being, if you're truly the better team....no ref can dictate the outcome of the game. Of course, there's extreme
  3. Tampa Bay is peaking at the right time. Looking stout
  4. Well, first off that play didn't cause 7 points. GB blowing the man coverage in a no brainer situation caused them to lose 7 points. Second, you know the best solution to these calls? Be in control of the game where the refs can't dictate the outcome of the game. If you're truly the better team, you won't leave it up to someone else to change the trajectory of the game.
  5. Missed calls happen. A few plays earlier, the packers left tackle clearly false started where GB picked up a good chunk of yards.
  6. Where did I say that? I never said Watson wouldn’t be successful wherever he goes. If you’re going to make an argument, you need to stay on topic in order for your argument to be credible. Running away from my counterpoint with another statement I never made makes you look foolish. Your take your Stafford being a “stat qb” is a bad take as mentioned. You’re telling me you place Watson on the lions team starting in 09, he’s going to have significantly more success than Stafford? The answer is unlikely.
  7. To be fair, Stafford has played with the lions--not exactly a franchise known for great historical success. Barry Sanders only won one playoff game and had 4-5 losing seasons during his tenure with the lions, but I would hope you would agree that Sanders is one of the greats. As for Watson, those divisional championships took place in the AFC south. AFC south was one of the weakest divisions when the Texans won those division titles. I would expect if the roles were reversed, Watson would have similar success with the Lions as Stafford did. Don't get me wrong, 2 first
  8. The fact that he says he wants out? I would disagree. It's not like the lions HAVE to trade him. Worst case scenario, lions draft a QB at #7 and sit Stafford until a team gets desperate enough to ante up the offer. I could see your point if Stafford said he only wants to play for team X (e.g. Paul George situation with pacers), but it isn't the case. Similar situation with DW4. It's clear DW4 wants out, but the texans will still clearly get a haul for DW4 if/when they trade him since the NFL is generally a seller's market when it comes to QB's.
  9. Current notable qbs drafted late first round or beyond not mentioned by you already: Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson (debatable). Point I'm trying to make is you can definitely draft a franchise/elite QB even at the 21 slot. We don't have to necessarily draft up to get our guy. Of course, it's not going to be an immediate "sexy" pick like trading up into the top 5-10 to select a qb, but many highly touted QB's fail to live up to the expectations so it's no sure thing.
  10. You don't need a top 5-10 draft pick to secure an "elite" QB. There's been plenty of elite/franchise QB's that were not high draft picks. Ballard and the front office have clearly shown they're capable of identifying talented prospects, so I'm not sure this is a necessity.
  11. I feel the comparison even goes beyond the field. How Smith carries himself is very reminiscent of Marvin--very business like, soft spoken, work boots lunch pail type of guy. Excited to see him play in the NFL next year. Smith is amazing, but I don't know about the best WR prospect--might be having some recency bias there
  12. 16 team playoff would be too big. Plus, coaches poll shouldn't be taken into account when ranking teams for CFB playoffs due to conflicts of interest imo--or at least shouldn't be taken into any significant account. How did you reach the conclusion that Costal Carolina and/or BYU would be left out? If you do an 8 team playoff--automatic bids awarded to conference champions from P5, 2 positions from group of 5, and 1 at large bid--BYU may possibly get left out but Coastal Carolina wouldn't.
  13. I think what muddles the water in this situation is who was behind Notre Dame--Texas A&M, who lost by 28 points to Bama earlier in the season. If you slide them into the 4 slot, they'll have a rematch against the team they got pummeled by. You can definitely argue that A&M grew since that loss, but the rematch which was previously a blowout would possibly not garner as many views as a Bama/Notre Dame matchup (even though the Irish got embarrassed by Clemson). Plus, they didn't play in a conference title game unlike Notre Dame which possibly hurt them as well.
  14. I agree. The one thing the committee has be consistent on is their prejudice against mid major programs. After UCF not making the cut with not one but two undefeated regular seasons in '17 & '18 on top of the omission to include Cincy this year--I don't see a mid major ever qualifying as a final four.
  15. Let's be real. There's a reason why Lebron or Kyrie seldomly ever get blamed for the Cavs losing. It's because they don't deserve to be blamed 95% of the time. Although Love does become an easy target for the Cav's woes....it's completely warranted for the most part. Love was brought into Cleveland to play a major role. However, if you've watched him play for the past 2 seasons, he's painfully inconsistent. Therefore, he should expect to receive large criticism when he doesn't perform. Similarly, Tristan (who is expected to live up to his near max contract) is also inconsistent. Some games he
  16. I feel the media coverage and the talk will be the most interesting aspect of this whole ordeal. Fighting aside, McGregor and Floyd are masters at promoting their own fights. However, the fight itself isn't good for the sport of boxing. It won't be worth watching once the opening bell sounds imo.
  17. I believe that trade proposal may have been a fake offer that was leaked by Boston's front office. In reality, Boston was likely offering much less than that. The fake proposal would've been more of a precautionary measure to save face. That way, if they didn't acquire PG, the Celtics' fan base would blame the Pacers for not accepting the offer rather than the Celtics front office for offering low ball offers. Gives the fan base the false impression that the Celtics went the extra mile in trying to obtain PG. That said, it might've been a real trade proposal. We'll never know. I just find it h
  18. Have you seen the West? It's stacked out there. With PG, I don't see OKC being a "dangerous" team as is. I honestly see them being a 4th seed best case scenario when it's all said and done.
  19. I see what you're saying. I would be more inclined to pull the trigger if this was 3 or so years ago before the Warriors as we know them today existed. But there's a lot of uncertainties with an acquisition such as this. 1) As mentioned, will PG stay longer than one year? PG's went on the record saying he wants to play for a contender. However, he prefers to play for the Lakers, who currently is not even in the conversation of remotely contending especially out in the west at the present moment. 2) If the Celtics justify the risk of acquiring PG for a one year rental on
  20. That is quite a bit to ask for if PG is a 1 year rental imo. If Boston can somehow acquire PG knowing he'll extend his contract with them then it's a fair trade. Otherwise, they'll giving up a lot of assets just to see him go to LA the following season. Wouldn't that be funny if the Celtics was able to acquire and retain PG--considering the history between that franchise and the Lakers?
  21. I'm not sure if I would want the Pacers to receive Swanigan tbh. I love Biggie, but I'm skeptical how he'll transition to the pros. His lack of athleticism is likely going to be his Achilles' heel in the NBA. That said, you'd be hard press to find a player with a better work ethic than Biggie--the guy's work ethic is insane. He's definitely going to reach his full potential--I'm just not sure if it'll be enough in the end. I hope I'm wrong, but just my 2 cents on Biggie
  22. Paul George switched twitter header: https://twitter.com/Yg_Trece?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author "I'll tell you when I land" I believe it said "Pacers SF" orginally
  23. That's why I said we're not going to attract any all stars/all NBA players with a poor team. It doesn't apply to teams like the Lakers because they're located in a big market and on top of that, it's SoCal.
  24. Regardless, West was hell of an acquisition and was a fringe all-star player in some of the years he played in Indy. In fact, you could argue he would've been an all star during a season or two in Indy if he played for a team in a larger market. It show's Indy is capable of attracting quality free agents assuming we have a solid team together. Obviously, generally speaking, we're not going to attract any all stars/all nba players with a poor team..but that goes without saying
  25. Doesn't happen often, but David West was a 2x all star before he came to Indy from NOLA
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