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  1. I never understood why the Manning era team never did this before, besides that Manning was hungry for yardage stat records more than super bowl rings. Manning may have his cake and eat it too now (stats and rings) as he finishes his career in Denver. But good news for us here with Andrew Luck, we have the fan base thanks to Manning, so we can get back to old school football of controlling clocks, using ground game, and allowing a defense to win us championships.
  2. I love your you post divineprodigy. I posted earlier that Andrew Luck seems to have all the attributes of a legend. This young man is almost identical to John Elway (both Stanford)..he has the rocket arm, strong quick legs, and brains, passion, and will to lead and win. The best part is, he seems to do it all without much effort. Even better, he seems to have the quit humility of Joe Montana. We really can't get any Andrew Luckier than that, can we? 2013 Colts= 18-0 -how? The ground game and defense in last few games after clinching home-field throughout... Thus, no more circus acrobatic style offenses getting out of rhythm and timing prior to the playoffs.
  3. I love the symbolism of "works" verses "Grace" here! Manning has always been a hard worker, but he will receive a lesson in amazing grace that day. Andrew Luck will show the Denver fans what a reincarnation of John Elway really is--a rocket arm, fast and strong legs, and a will and drive for legendary success. Welcome to a new era of Colt's football---Stanford style!!
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