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  1. Cain had been working out with Randy Moss not sure about the others though
  2. He wouldn't his contract is up at the end of the year I believe.
  3. One player didn't break this team either losing Wayne was the last straw the offense could take since they were already missing starters TE,RB,RB,G just to name the ones on ir not including the ones that were out for last game as well. Rogers helping score more then 3 points may help it be more respectable but until we don't let teams hang 30+ points on it is not going to matter much.
  4. Yep a undrafted free agent who has been on multiple teams is going to solve everything. I don't mean that to be offensive but one player is not going to fix this team unfortunately.
  5. You say your not one to correct a person's grammar "then" you do what you just said you don't do. I apologize I was typing quickly and didn't catch the mistake.
  6. The replay is on NFL network Monday at 4pm I believe. Other then that it really depends on where you are in the country if you will have a local station carry it or not.
  7. Not sure if this will help or not but, I did find this http://www.teamsportswear.com/customfootballuniforms?gclid=CPD0uJOdiLgCFc9AMgodYwoApQ
  8. I didn't mean it like that I meant in the context of the message boards new whipping boy. If you misunderstood my context I am sorry I didn't mean the comparision between the 2 players as much as the board seems to beat on him like they do db.
  9. He is the new Donald Brown or atleast is what it seems like.
  10. Hate to say Frankiln is proven as well even though he is older so that is 2 of 3 projected starters on the dline. Ricky Jean Francois is a wild card if he is even the starter but, they saw enough in him while he was playing for one of the 2 teams that made it to the superbowl to take a chance on him. We will just have to see if it pans out or not.
  11. Wow I know this road has been down before but you do know that the decision was Peyton and Jim not just Jim right?
  12. Yeah because justice is the long term answer that isn't with the team any more just to make sure I am following your logic
  13. This same topic was started last year and it was the same thing about him having a break out year now I am not saying that he didn't have a better year then he has had here but, that isn't saying much and as for the to little to late comment you don't bring in a guy a lot of people haven't heard off for the most part and crown him starter if the writing isn't on the wall. I don't think Hughes is part of the long term plan here. This again is my opinion on this matter and I hope I am wrong and he gets his fair shot but, I don't see it.
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