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  1. we could grab smallwood in the later rounds. his stock really fell after the combine
  2. hmm wendel lets think about that.... sign a known garbage player satele 2.0 and hope he magically fills the center position?
  3. paying even one dollar for a player worse than satele is over paying i talk about how great the colts are and how great the FAs have been all the time. whats wrong with you
  4. butt hurt is a reference too the pain from getting raped, are you kidding me? thats exactly what i meant when i said it gets thrown around like nothing, therefore is more a slang term but you were the one who took offense which i apologized to you as some people are traumatized and scarred because of that stuff if you dont take the time to understand what things mean, you shouldnt say them kid
  5. you complain about rape jokes, and then make one? hypocrisy at its finest
  6. shane + 1 qwiz boy 0 going by your own scoring method, but of course
  7. i am not the first person here to casually say "you guys got raped" but whatever you need something to whine about. you probably wouldve said it before yourself except..oh wait youre a texans fan second, i dont argue with people who cant comprehend english. please point out where i said andrew will go undefeated in the division the next ten years? AM makes tons of contradicting posts that i am oh so happy to dig up see the pats sign revis thread. the point i was making was i remember what people say, so in a year when the texans are under 500 i will dig up your post and will cherish the excuses
  8. your previous posts have nothing to do with how you were begging to be engaged when you made fun of the broncos...and your team is the freaking texans
  9. people say "you got raped" all the time its not that deep. In all seriousness i am sorry if it offended you. a) Luck is 10x better than any of the * clowns available b) i remember stuff like that ask amfootball
  10. yeah it is okay because a) my team has a good QB who just got back a ton of injured players/and ballers in FA b) we werent 2-14
  11. this is a colts forum we will enjoy our SB when Luck wins it going 2-14 isnt as bad as losing in the SB, the texans will be in the sb soon, and losing in the playoffs means nothing if you win at home during the regular season (after they admit playoff wins hold more merrit) according to pats wow the manner and irreplaceable content the fans of other teams contribute here is top notch. its like espn first take but real!
  12. oh okay, well on youre other account you said you hadnt heard anyone say it
  13. i think rg3 will continue to sprial downwards. He criticizes his superiors openly during the season (no class), hes a know it all, and he strikes me as someone who just got by in college on athletic ability and not that great of a conference. His media circus that he embraces doesnt make it any better. He has to be in the spot light. Maybe he should spend more time in the weight room than making gatorade commercials that make him look like a Rocky wannabe, or posting his wedding registry for fans to buy him crap, i mean seirously? How conceited is that? I just dont see his capacity to improve. I honestly wouldnt be surprised to find out he gets suspended for getting high or beating a woman.
  14. hmmm really? you mustve not watched espn leading up to the draft... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5rNLGHVLeI
  15. So many people predicted this guy would be better than luck coming out and he was good year one, until as many predicted he got hurt and he sucked year two. Will he ever regain momentum and live up to expectations? MY opinion is no. I think the experts who evaluated him as better than luck should get a head exam personally. What say you?
  16. he would throw 2.9 punches and try to dodge dqwell and fall to the ground before dqwell would notice he was there
  17. what do you mean? he doesnt even have a youtube highlight video? he sucks in all seriousness the guy is complete trash though. just another overpaid grigson free agent. aw well center isnt an important position. its not like peps offense's has 80 percent of the runs straight up the middle with 3 tes
  18. if only rg3-13 could realize the same thing and quit auditioning for commercials before the week one. too bad all that superman like rocky balboa gatorade training didnt help him play better
  19. you gotta understand though they are all just a bunch of fat guys, rearranging them in any order doesnt make a difference. theyre just like school children who like to have a certain spot moving them around doesnt affect their performance
  20. doesnt matter guys hes on the patriots now, that makes you top 3
  21. how is beating pff out of money against the rules
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