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  1. Maybe Colts management/coaches just didn't see Blount as an improvement over Richardson or Herron?
  2. Seems appropriate. Gotta wonder what the next CBA negotiation is gonna look like with so much anymosity already.
  3. 20 carries for 1000 yards against the jags. Bringing his ypc to ~4.0.
  4. Does "expecting Tipton to be called up" count as a yes or a no?
  5. I'm too lazy to emoticon and was being intentionally obtuse. It's what this thread is for.
  6. Another game with 0.6 ypc, a fumble, and a huge drop. Gee whiz, when's it gonna end?
  7. Paul Freaking Justin. We've been very fortunate at quarterback.
  8. Don't understand how people can compare Ballard favorably to Richardson at this point. Both had pretty decent rookie years, but Ballard basically hasn't played since. In that rookie year they averaged roughly the same ypc (.3 yards in Ballard's favor), they both fumbled three times (Richardson had far more carries), Richardson scored far more touchdowns, and contributed more to the passing game. Richardson had an awful second year, but looks pretty good this year. Neither back has played much, but Richardson has had a nominally better career. Ballard has promise, but doesn't compare favorably to Richardson by anything but subjective analysis.
  9. IDK, Brown has been mostly a special teams guy until recently. Probably not much to know there. Landry might have some tendencies you guys can exploit by watching the tape. Do missing tackles and taking poor angles count as tendencies?
  10. Sproles only gets ~7 touches per game (including receptions). He's a great weapon to have, but he wouldn't be the best running back on most NFL teams let alone the entire league. I can't think of one, maybe somewhere with alot of injuries? Tampa?
  11. Maybe Landry sees some 'linebacker' snaps in the quasi nickel/dime look. Brown has clearly been the better safety this year.
  12. Not a single catch last week. Only one 40 yard touchdown in the last 2 weeks. He's clearly slipping.
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