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  1. I saw Arian Foster in one scene and Peyton Mannings autograph in another but not sure of your sighting.
  2. How can anyone that watches football miss the Peyton Manning era? I like the Patriots about as much as I like having intestinal flu but I'm pretty well versed on the Tom Brady era just by watching on Sunday.
  3. Seattle? Dallas?? (shudder) New England....?
  4. All that they play in....may the gods of pigskin smile upon them and provide multitudinous opportunities! And it is heard from the nosebleeds to the 50 yard line, AMEN!
  5. US Navy submarine veteran that was out of clever name ideas when the other Colts fanboards I started on closed shop.
  6. I'd love to see him in Colts blue and white! http://www.nfl.com/player/anthonyspencer/2495745/profile
  7. I live near Chicago where failure is a way of life....
  8. My favorite was the old folks Taco Bell, the Go Daddy commercial almost made me throw up a little...
  9. Logical, in this thread anyway. What the heck, it doesn't hurt to try....
  10. Making the playoffs 5 years in a row indicate he's better than all but a few. If he's not elite he is top tier anyway.
  11. It's the off season, no games until late summer. No football except for the draft. Have to find something else to fixate on..... Naaah, I think I'll take my wife out to dinner and a movie next week for putting up with my addiction to football for 6 months out of the year. ....and it won't be a sports bar either!
  12. I predicted 27-24 I was off one td each, congrats Baltimore Ravens!
  13. Die hard fan?? Love the comment, but the Bears not so much. I predict Ravens 27-24 in a nailbiter.
  14. I'm glad it was these two, the only better match would have been Denver and Seattle in my opinion.
  15. I grew up living near Tech HS and in nearby Lawrence, the dollars generated by the Colts and the Pacers has made the downtown area much nicer as a destination to shop and visit. The taxes are still lower than many cities of comparable size and the Convention complex will assure income to the city for years to come, like jvan said, you gotta spend to earn.
  16. Nope, no leg pulling. They pay $125,000 as a contribution before they are sent the bill for their seats. And they are the preferred seats down by the field and they have had them since the 1930s when grandfather Elmer Layden graduated. I went to games with the regular seating and crowded is putting it loosely, I think each seat is 15 inches wide and I much prefer the wide seats with armrests down near the field...
  17. I like the double whammy most teams use when you have to first purchase the seat rights and then you have to pay for the tickets. A friend of mine had family at Notre Dame, his grandfather was one of the "Four Horsemen" and they have to pay $60,000 per seat for the right to buy season tickets! Talk about hidden costs.....
  18. The tickets are still a lot cheaper than they are for Bears games outdoors. I live east of Chicago and I wouldn't go to one of those cold, possibly wet games for free....seriously. Maybe a few years ago when my hands and knees didn't remind me of all the stupid things I did in my youth..... Indy tickets are still one of the best deals out there.
  19. I understand that and I probably started the whole thing while trying to placate the members that were so indignant last year when we had the debate about having a "Manning" section here, the final decision being for us to use NFL General for the purpose. I really had no intent to stir it up, I just wanted to post of my admiration for the man whos' jersey I wore to games and for the quarterback that led my favorite team to greatness. The fact that I have to explain myself may or may not assuage the emotion I stirred up but I had to justify my original intent.
  20. Yeah, I posted this under general as they aren't Colts anymore. Big argument on here last year as to where to put "Manning" posts and I didn't want to break the consensus.
  21. Go ahead, rub it in that I live in "the Chicago market!" Bears this, Bears that, Bears regurg!
  22. Bittersweet moment, two of my favorites. http://fansided.com/2013/01/27/nfl-pro-bowl-2013-peyton-manning-jeff-saturday-share-one-final-snap/
  23. Obviously a favorite player of just about everyone, Colts front office or NFLPA would make me happy.
  24. I always looked at it as a vacation paid for by the NFL. I was stationed in Pearl Harbor from 79-82 and saw 3 while I was there. Always had families with them and always were fun to meet the players after the game and on the beach.
  25. I thought they screwed up when they fired Singletary, glad I have a day job.....
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