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  1. Last year we really struggled with slow starts in games and had to come back a lot of times and other times we couldn't mount that comeback because the deficit was too big. Do you guys think we will be better at that this year? We can't go far in the playoffs if we keep doing this. Not that I know the solution in anyway, I am jsut curious if you think that will carry over this year.
  2. Anyone know what date the tickets are mailed out? I'm excited and impatient! Go Colts!
  3. He's not guaranteed to start, so it will work itself out. Why can't we cheer for a player on the colts that everyone has been bashing to do well? It cost us a pick, but he doesn't make a ton of money. It allows to have insane depth at RB.
  4. Last Friday at 1. I missed it by an hour forgetting it was East Coast time so maybe that was what happened. I had everything all set up and ready for like a week too. Good to know for next year if you moved up at that time slot though.
  5. There was nothing left for me to upgrade to except single seats (I am in the 400's).
  6. Well you better get that apostrophe button fixed! It has a mind of its own!
  7. I should have made more mistakes to sell the joke, but yeah a bad one...
  8. Not usually this way, but the grammar in that title makes you loose all credibility with your argument...
  9. I think it is a big advantage for them. Not because of brady, but they have developed a great run game. I'm not sure how Donald could do in those conditions.
  10. I think you could say this about Garçon. I don't get the same "me" feeling from TY for some reason. The point of it is to get the crowd involved with him (they are all supposed to be doing it in the end zone seats like they did at FIU). The Garçon point to his name on his back is all about him. I love the been there before attitude, but I have to love Luck's spike as well. It's the one time the fans see his true intensity.
  11. He needs to just hit the line of scrimmage. No hesitation and just go! That and we need to throw it to him of to the side so he can blow up some db's...
  12. Man, we gotta let this article die. This guy is getting exactly what he wants, us freaking out and talking about it. Why do we feed these people? Let's talk something else, like how are the Pats special teams going to be with most of those players starting on D now? I mean BB always has talent waiting in the wings, but will TY return punts?
  13. Toller puts us up to 17 IR. They have more names, but I think no team can complain that they have been hurt by injuries more.
  14. Man I wish we did this out wide more. Like the play to Donald that scored. He could kill db's...
  15. I mean I know Amendola, Edelman and Dobson have been his favorite WR's this year (that remain). Dobson seemed to be the one that really emerged of the young guys, so who should would we fear out of the rest besides Vereen? Tangent: Thank god no more kevin faulk. That guy has to be one of the most underrated role players ever. Whenever you needed a 3rd and 2-4 yds to go, Brady would find him. BTW I think you guys come out run heavy anyways. So throwing would be if we bring Landry up to help or our LBs cheat up. I mean I guess you guys could come out empty backfield dinking and dunking. God I hate you guys...
  16. http://bostonherald.com/sports/patriots_nfl/the_blitz/2014/01/aaron_dobson_wearing_walking_boot
  17. LUCKy

    Colts DC

    So you're saying we got a chance!
  18. I agree, great observations. Look at that! Colts and Pats fans getting along, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!
  19. That's a good one; I don't agree though. Not to bring this old argument up again, but Manning IS clutch. The myth that he chokes is just that. I actually see a lot more comparisons to Manning than Brady (besides the #12). Luck has put this team on his shoulders as Manning had too. Brady was not asked to do that till his 5th year or so (guessing no real idea) when BB's defense carried them. I'm not trying to say brady vs manning or disrespect either he just seems more manning to me. I mean to compare him to either is a great comparison and makes me happy this early on.
  20. C'mon we can't take the bait on this stuff. Obviously only made for entertainment. I am sure there are some good articles out there with good analysis. Have anything resident Pats fans?
  21. That's weird Colts and Pats fans don't agree on who has the better matchup and who is going to win...
  22. I see what you did there! Bear...2006 Superbowl...Rhodes
  23. Me too. I'm still at work so I am just recording that. Hopefully it is right!
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