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  1. Well, neither Ridley or Miller are making much noise, which equals lousy trade value. So I'm down to this: Trade Julius Thomas for Josh Gordon - yes/no?
  2. So I'm playing in a 16 team IDP FF League with keepers (9 keepers), entering year 2 (won year 1!) and got the following (starters listed with numbers): QB: Russell Wilson (QB1), Ben Roethlisberger RB: Adrian Peterson (RB1), Doug Martin (RB2), Stevan Ridley (FLEX), Lamar Miller, Chris Ivory WR: TY Hilton (WR1), Kenbrell Thompkins (WR2), Cordarrelle Patterson, Jason Avant TE: Jimmy Graham (TE1), Julius Thomas As you might notice, I'm thin at WR. If Hilton was a full time starter, I might actually be comfortable with Hilton and Thompkins even though the latter is still a questionmark. I'm l
  3. I'd take Wilson as a stop-gap solution. He's not young, but we're not going to fill every position need with young, high prized free agents or 1st round draft picks.
  4. Early in the 2012 season, when I learned that Kruger was a free agent in 2013, I said to one of my mates that Kruger was an interesting player. That was before all the buzz surrounding Kruger after his good post season. My opinion on Kruger has not changed, but for 10+ a year... No way!
  5. Whoa! Even though I figured this could be coming with the Chiefs franchise tagging Branden Albert after trading for Alex Smith and having the 1st overall pick in this draft, I didn't think the Chiefs would cut such a good and relatively cheap player (cheap vs. quality). If the Colts can get him for anything like the 4 year 22M deal he signed with KC, then GO!
  6. I got more questionmarks with both Banks and Rhodes than with Trufant. Also, there's a good chance at least one of them will be gone before #24 - probably Rhodes, it seems Banks' stock has fallen a bit lately. I wouldn't be opposed to taking any of the three though. Most of the free agent OTs has been playing LTs, and done that succesfully. They are going to want to get paid like LTs. Xavier Nixon or Brennan Williams should push Justice for that RT spot. This OT draft class is loaded.
  7. These resigning, free agency and draft scenarios are popular, and with reason. They are fun to think about and make, even though eventually they'll mean nothing. Nevertheless, here's what I'd love to see the Colts doing i 2013 rosterwise. Trying to keep this realistic: Resignings: P Pat McAfee - No brainer. Something like 5 years, $10 million. CB Darius Butler - Our future nickel (after FA/draft). DL Fili Moala - If not a starter, at least good depth. Shouldn't be met by a huge market, so should come cheap. OT Winston Justice - Shouldn't be too expensive either. We can't get stuck with Lin
  8. I like that finishing quote. What I take from it, is that Grigs don't lock on to a guy just because the player has a big, well known name. The play/tape has to match the price, the price has to be right, and personality comes in to play as well. Grigs wants to find the right guy(s).
  9. Pass. I'd much rather have Keenan Lewis, Mike Jenkins, Rodgers-Cromartie, Chris Houston or another FA corner than pay 8 mill/year for Sean Smith. But really I'd prefer to grab Johnthan Banks or Xavier Rhodes in the first round of the draft. Use FA to improve OG, OLB, DE and maybe SS as well. Of course there's no guarantee that either will be there at 24, but I do think there's a better chance for that than a stud OLB or 34 DE. Speaking of Miami, I'd love to see the Colts add Randy Starks to the D-line.
  10. I really like Bethea as a SS/FS hybrid. He plays the run very well, taking good angles in run support and is a sure tackler. A SS doesn't necessarily mean a big hitter, but a guy playing closer to the LOS than the FS. Bethea do not make enough plays on the ball in coverage (INTs), and the Colts badly need more turnovers. A guy like Jairus Byrd would provide that. Sure, Byrd is a dream signing, but what an addition he would be. That being said, I wouldn't mind taking a look at George Wilson as a relatively short term solution. The Bills just cut him to save money, but he's still a very good s
  11. But other than Rob Ryan being overrated and an arrogant DC, Saints switching to 3-4 is kind of exciting to watch - from a pure football perspective. I don't want to see them succeed... They got some pieces who should fit very nicely in the 3-4. They can get rid of overpaid, underperforming players as Will Smith and Sedrick Ellis, and play a potential stud DL in Cameron Jordan at his best position, the 5 technique. Akiem Hicks should be a good fit at the other 34 DE spot. Curtis Lofton and David Hawthorne should fit well as ILBs, as should Martez Wilson and Junior Galette as 34 OLBs. They nee
  12. KC are still paying Crennel in 2013, so Crennel is getting paid for taking a year off. I think I would do the same after that year i KC. Horrible QB situation, under performing defense, critic, and the traumatic experience with Jovan Belcher.
  13. Anthony Castonzo Larry Warford AQ Shipley Louis Vasquez Winston Justice/4th rd rookie Trying to be a little realistic here. Vasquez will be the FA upgrade on OL, and we won't spend heavy on a RT. Larry Warford is our 3rd rd draft pick, but probably has to move up in the 3rd to get him. If not Warford, there could be a lot of options in the 3rd round for the right tackle spot, with the likes of Brennan Williams and Chris Faulk. Justice and the right tackle position should be upgraded and this draft has some good options, even late. Before mentioned Williams or Faulk could be there, or
  14. "I'd give Davis a C. He's had some very bad games this year. Last week, he allowed 8 catches (on 10 targets) for 118 yards, and a touchdown. That's terrible for a #1 corner. He allowed a huge game from Calvin (although, I'll give him some slack there). However, he is an upgrade over any cornerback the Colts have had in the last 5 years, and I love the trade that Grigson did, and I think time will help him grow into a better player, and get him more comfortable with this system. " Davis rarely linep up across from Calvin. For the majority of the snaps, Vaughn was covering Calvin and allowed
  15. Just another bad, bad decision by Luck. Has eliminate these kind of plays. But just as bad a call by the referee! Knee was down. Play is dead at that point. Get your s*** together, ref!
  16. I got one specific thing about the Colts' picks, which I can back up with a tweet I made back in April: I wanted Cordy Glenn over Coby Fleener in the 2nd round. I still wish that Glenn would have been the pick. I loved Cordy Glenn pre draft, and was sure he would be at least a solid 10 year vet at either LG, RG og RT. But he has surpassed even my expectations by holding down the LT spot in Buffalo. And doing that well. To stay with the Colts, I liked T.Y. Hilton. I did not, however, at the time like that the Colts gave up a top 4th round pick and 2013's 5th round pick for a (very) late 3rd rou
  17. Liking this. Keenan Lewis and Louis Vasquez would be solid additions. 26 og 25 years of age, respectively. Lewis is a long rangy corner, great tackler (you have to be for the Steelers), and can compete for most balls due to his length. Vasquez is 335lbs and should fit the power blocking scheme nicely. And I'm all for Spencer as Freeney's replacement. Been so for a long time. Cowboys "3rd OLB", Victor Butler, might also be an interesting acqusition. FA: CB Keenan Lewis OG Louis Vasquez OLB Anthony Spencer/Victor Butler Draft: 1st: Sheldon Richardson, DL 3rd: Dallas Thomas/Brennan Williams/Oday
  18. If there's a guy you like, you get him. Should the Colts trade down? You won't know until the draft. The top needs in the off season will probably be: OG, RT, CB, OLB, SS. I would love to see the Colts come out of this draft with either Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper to add some quality to the interior offensive line. If we get the opportunity to pick Warmack in the 20s, that's a no brainer. Look at the impact that a guy like Mike Iupati has in San Francisco. Let's get that sort of talent up front. A RT could be had in the 3rd round. Brennan Williams got hurt his senior year, and could pote
  19. A few good FA options: OG Andy Levitre, Buffalo Bills - by far the best FA guard in 2013. It's not even close. The Colts' OL needs a guy like this, OLB Anthony Spencer, Dallas Cowboys - One of the better strongside 34 outside linebackers in the NFL. Plays the run fantastic and can get after the QB. Experienced in dropping into coverage. Plays opposite DeMarcus Ware and drops quite a bit. Therefore he doesn't get the same attention and statistical production as other edge rushers. OLB Connor Barwin, Houston Texans - another option for the edge. Freeney won't be a Colt beyond the 2012 season. CB
  20. A couple of different scenarios involving three players: LT: Anthony Castonzo LG: Joe Reitz C: Samson Satele/AQ Shipley RG: Andy Levitre (signed as FA from the Bills) RT: Demetress Bell (released by the Eagles, signed as FA) LT: Anthony Castonzo LG: Joe Reitz C: Samson Satele/AQ Shipley RG: Larry Warford (3rd round draft pick out of Kentucky) RT: Demetress Bell (released by the Eagles, signed as FA) LT: Anthony Castonzo LG: Andy Levitre (signed as FA from the Bills) C: Samson Satele/AQ Shipley RG: Larry Warford (3rd round draft pick out of Kentucky) RT: Demetress Bell (released by the Eagles,
  21. Nevertheless, Demetress Bell will with a good amount of likelihood hit free agency again i 2013. The demand for Bell in 2012 wasn't great at all - which was a bit surprising - and the Eagles snatched him when Jason Peters got hurt. The numbers might say that Bell got a 5 year deal worth 35 million, but in reality it's an one year deal worth 3,25 million. Nothing of Bell's contract is guaranteed beyond 2012, which is also the period for which Jason Peters is out. The Eagles are free to cut him before the 2013 season. However, 2013 is cheap (1,2M + 100k workout bonuses) in Bell's contract so the
  22. Dwayne Allen lines up a lot in the backfield as a FB/H-back, and Fleener motions in there at times. To be honest, I'm sick of it. Neither of those guys are primarily blockers, they excel as pass catchers. In the run game, more than often than not, they don't even throw a block. They charge ahead looking for somebody to block, but often misses out. I get that TEs are multidimensional and can be utilized as pass catchers (and being better at it than most FBs) out the backfield. But how many passes have really gone the the H-back? Instead, line the two TEs up at the line. You can run it out of th
  23. Besides Heath Miller, which TEs has impacted Arians' TE-stats? That's a pretty significant contributor, the quality of the players involved.
  24. Good post, atacpl. It will be interesting to see, and I will definitely keep an eye on it. Grigson could opt to bring in Joselio Hanson for the nickel job, and if so, let's see if Vaughn will be the odd one out.
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