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  1. I don't think a running back should ever be drafted with the first pick. Running back is the easiest position on the offense to fill.
  2. Show one expert in the field who agrees with you. Just one.
  3. And that is the primary reason it's pointless to compare QB's from one generation to the next.
  4. The Colts should have at least a ten point lead in the first quarter. I don't see any way the Jags beat the spread in this one.
  5. My exchange with you on the tight end thing has me wondering who you believe are the top five CB's in the NFL.
  6. Hardly anyone has. He's only played in one game this year and last year he was a rookie. Those are facts. Every single starting tight end in all the NFC west teams are a better blocker than him. They need to be because they are up against far superior defensive fronts every week and double as offensive linemen most of the time.
  7. Denver's defense is horrible. If they are going to go anywhere in the playoffs it will be because of him and his ability to outscore everyone they play. Plus, it's still very risky for him to just take sacks..
  8. I think the workout and practice limits are part of the reason, but so is some of these eyebrow raising rule changes.
  9. I always thought Bert Jones was an overrated QB anyway.
  10. The St. Louis Rams history should start when they came to St Louis. Same with the Cardinals. The Raiders left Oakland and went back. The "Oakland" Raiders history should be amended for the years they were the LA Raiders. It's not an issue of bitterness. Mostly because there is none.
  11. Objective anaysis here....... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000250968/article/jimmy-graham-tops-atls-tight-end-rankings
  12. Allen is not a top three type tight end, but the Colts can have a top five or six tandem of tight ends.
  13. No. Plus, SF has a pretty solid tight end who's as good as any.
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