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  1. good pt. also, mix in some west coast philosophies and the quicker passes will help protect him too.
  2. To your topic title, there are no great recievers in this draft. Some could be good, but not great.
  3. Unrelated, can someone tell my how I can start a thread? I've done all I need to do (i think). 15 posts, etc.
  4. If we don't do anything else in free agency or the draft for a RT, I think they are pretty high on Sowell
  5. I think we have other needs to address in the first round but wouldn't be upset if Grigson (master mind) feels strongly about one and picks one up. As for the comment about Ballard not wowing you..... winning diving TD against the Titans was a wow factor.
  6. I bet Hughes comes in on 3rd and longs.
  7. This is why Grigson's free agency scheme is brilliant. Filled many needs. Now the draft will truly be best available player. Then, he'll find his diamonds in the later rounds.
  8. in two te and two wr hilton could be slot. i can see fleener going outside some
  9. Nice article. it's like Grigs is playing moneball. http://blogs.indystar.com/coltsinsider/2013/03/13/colts-cbs-butler-toler-were-among-the-nfls-best-in-2012-statistically-speaking/
  10. ah, thanks. i'll take him or pollard
  11. either one, but Pollard would be preferred. 2 two is even more exciting!
  12. doesn't landry get hurt a lot? or isn't there some knock on him? Or am i off here?
  13. So far so good IMO. Not what we all expected but building depth and adding guys with high upside is smart. FA isn't done, and we have the draft. When can we nab more talent from the CFL? Anytime? Waiting for Grigs to strike again. Who's left that we want after seeing these signings? Safety Mikell from St. Louis has some ties to Grigs. I see sidbury as a special teams beast.
  14. sean smith would be great. i'm suprised i haven't heard more about him possibly being a colt
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