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  1. In round about way worst trade ever was.. Trading Elway for Jeff George... Got Rison in pick for Elway then traded him for pick of George
  2. I didn't want Suh or any of those top Dl men, But what did turn me against Langford signing was the whole 17 tackles 1 sack no tackles for loss in 16 games last season
  3. I say stay where we are, and if Clemmons is still there... Pick him, No need to move anywhere
  4. Isn't this the same guy who kept taking cheap shots at luck when they played here in INdy
  5. I hope they release Harrison, watching him play Center was just painful
  6. He said he just doesn't like shaving during the season... Athletes are the most superstitious people, if it helps him. Bring on the Neard!
  7. If this trade happens... I'm gonna call History channel, we have Nostradamus among us...
  8. Also forgot to mention They have us Taking Duke Johnson in second round
  9. They have us Drafting Marcus Peters at 29 http://www.si.com/nfl/2015/02/04/2015-nfl-mock-draft-two-rounds-marcus-mariota-leonard-williams?page=2&devicetype=default
  10. This move doesn't surprise me, Need to start clearing Cap space for the 12 draft class...
  11. It all coincides with T.Rich getting less playing time.... Coincidence, I think not
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