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  1. Anyone see the comparrisons between Manning and Luck's first NFL games? Almost identical. I have NO worries about Luck. He will be great. However its vital they fix the O-line. I mean seriously!!! They can't protect the QB or give him enough time to properly get rid of the ball. And we won't ever have a good running game if they can't learn to run block. Like always, the D needs to learn how to cover a reciever instead of always leaving them wide open. You just can't stand 10 yrd away from ANY reciever. They still have problems stopping the run. Same problems they've had for years. Hopefully t
  2. Why do they continue to leave people WIDE open the whole game??? You'd think they'd learn the first time or two. The coaches need to chew them out for this and make them correct this problem. They obvisouly don't know how to give good coverage against the pass. The run defense could use some work too. I'd like to see more takeaways as well...
  3. Did anyone watch the game highlights? Can't stand those Aholes and they didn't give any credit to the Colts D or show ALL the hilights of the D in the game. They had NOTHING nice to say about the Colts and still don't give the Colts ANY credit for such a great game considering. They still think we won't win any games and that our season is over. I don't believe that. They need to start Painter and I see a much better team that can win games and prove everyone wrong. I was VERY proud of them tonight and very sad we lost this one. We could have should have won. I would have loved to shut everyon
  4. Yes I was very proud of the D too all except the Pass D. That needs tremendous improvement and then our D is a force to recon with. They plaid better than the infamous Stealers D other than the pass D. They made huge 3rd down plays EVERY time. When are they gonna learn that they can't leave people wide open and to try to prevent them from even catching the ball. This leaving them wide open and tackling them after they catch the ball is for the birds. Glad they finally moved Linkenbach to a different position. He did well tonight. I hate to see Clark still in there blocking. We are lucky he has
  5. Polian needs to think long and hard after today about his staff and his team and do what is best for the Colts and the Colts alone. Lots of changes NEED to be made. This is NOT Collins fault. He's only been here 17 days and is trying to fix this mess. Not Collins fault the O-line and D played pathetic. They need to rethink the O-line and D and make some serious changes. Peyton needs to be on the sidelines with a headset helping out and holding people accontable during the game. They respect him and I think they would play better for him. Peyton sees EVERYTHING too. The entire team and coaching
  6. He won't make ANY difference because the o-line looks terrible. The D looks disgraceful. They just didn't show up to play. Been watching the media and NO confidence in winning. They need to make allot of changes/improvements before next week. Bring on the discipline and accountability Caldwell or leave. I don't want to hear any more excuses or sugar coating.
  7. Hard to predict cause anything can happen and nobody knows how Collins first game will go. But we do know that our run D better show up along with our running game or we are in trouble. I wish they would start Tryon over Lacey and Carter over Brown.
  8. Yes beating the Pats is something I'd love to see but not as much as beating the Saints. A few turnovers in the SB and they think they are better than us...to this day. We should have and could have won that game. That loss still stings and I need some pain relief. lol. Their defense looks terrible and we can so take them if we stay healthy and play like I know we can.
  9. Most definutely. The Colts need him on the sidelines with a headset to help Collins and help run the offense. He IS the team leader and they need him there for confidence as well.
  10. The colts still need to be well prepared for Foster and need to do a MUCH better job with the run defense this year. I think our run defense will determine the outcome of the game. But then again they may be counting on us focusing on the run and surprise us with their passing game. Our D really needs to step up this year in every aspect and help win some games. I'm tired of everyone saying the Colts are nothing without #18 and they need to prove them all wrong. I just hope they can stay healthy and confident this year.
  11. Evans deserves to make the team after the way he played tonight and they would be down right stupid to cut him. Brown played pitiful. I can't understand why they would want to keep him. If they really want to improve our running game at all this year they need to cut him.
  12. I sure hope they sign Evans and cut Brown. They also need to cut Lacey and start Tryon.
  13. The Colts brought in a bunch of new players this year. What do you think they improved and what do you think they still need to change/improve? Do you honestly think our running game, O-line, and overall defense has improved and will be much better this year? What players are you excited about and what players do you wish they would cut? Personally I wish they would cut Brown and keep Evans and Carter. I also wish they would cut Lacey and start Tryon.
  14. Yeah Evans looks good. They need to cut Brown if they want to imporve their running game this year.
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