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  1. Although we have lots of holes in our team , whats one player that could greatly benefit our team this year .. ?
  2. Yeah , but isnt Avery a free agent ? He might want too much money fr someone that has been injury pleaged most of his career .. Not knocking the guy , he's a very solid receiver but i would rather have Dwayne Bowe or Hartline
  3. He's decent , but not sure he would fit our team , we like to run up the middle . He hits the corners and speeds his way away from everyone
  4. Yeah .. I believe any O line players would be an improvement , thats true . And I think we need to sign another solid WR to take some pressure off Reggie Wayne to make all the plays
  5. I totally agree , but it doesn't seem there are very good oline players this years , outside of jake long
  6. Yeah that's true .. Of all those people i think maybe Brian Hartline would be the cheapest and maybe the best wideout.
  7. They really arent top Rb's anymore .. They are both 30 and they could both complement VIck ballard perfectly so he doesnt have to take every snap .. And Why do we have to resign Moala ? He he been on out team for about 3 maybe 4 years and never put up the stats expected .. I think we should let him go and get another DE in the draft.
  8. I was thinking maybe ... 1. Sign Mike wallace WR steelers . 2. Trade Dwight Freeney for a 4th rounder 3.Resign Pat Mcafee 4.Sign Steven Jackson RB Rams ( if he chooses to still play ) 5. Sign Deangelo williams RB Panthers ( if we don't get steven ) 6. Go for Brian Hartline WR Dolphins 7. Take a shot at Dwayne Bowe WR Chiefs
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