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  1. http://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2015/05/29/andre-johnson-indianapolis-colts-andrew-luck-university-of-miami-chuck-pagano/28144495/
  2. I believe I read in today's MMQB that he is not eligible for the supplemental draft. His agent tried to get a wavier to be allowed, but was denied.
  3. He distinctly said "to blave." And, as we all know, "to blave" means "to bluff" ...
  4. http://espn.go.com/blog/indianapolis-colts/post/_/id/8705/reggie-wayne-on-crying-pregame-was-the-night-with-the-tears
  5. The weather is pretty much the same between Arizona and Indianapolis in the winter. My yard grows really nice under all the snow and ice.
  6. Interesting. Never thought of it that way. So if the Colts score more points then they will win? Crazy.
  7. Not sure why they would think you are a writer, indySCRIBE.
  8. I was looking at Trent yelling at him for not making it! Totally missed Luck keeping the ball.
  9. dylan8678


    Fleener did Jazz hands.
  10. Every time I read some thing you write all I hear is "Delta Bravo"
  11. McNivens is on Mass Ave, which has a great night life. You shouldn't have any issues finding something to do at night. If the weather is nice check out the Rathskeller (http://www.rathskeller.com/). Great beer garden and usually good music. Game day you should stop by the Slippery Noodle. Packed with Colts fans and right next to tons of tailgating. Hope you have a great trip!
  12. You can see the field from the Bud Light zone.
  13. How about new snapper snapping a bad snap on last second field goal?
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