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    Hey, can we apply this statement to Andrew Luck, too? You know, in terms of his yardage #s, TDs/attempt, etc. Pretty sobering when you look at his yards per attempt, versus his raw yardage totals.
  2. Your complete lack of logical progression is quite troubling. I know it's the internet, but at least put forth some effort into making a coherent argument. How can one even respond to such a seemingly random hodgepodge of subjective analysis not at all grounded in reality? When presented with factual evidence, your reaction is literally to say "blah blah blah who cares" and spout more tired, old platitudes. You want to give Alfred credit for the week 17 game against Dallas? Great! I (and RG3, and Redskins fans) give him all the credit in the world for that day. But that in and of itself
  3. Morris was a fantastic addition to the Redskins this year, but let's not pretend this guy is on the level of RBs like Adrian Peterson and was a larger contributor to the Redskins success than RG3. You're choosing to be ignorant of the fact that Shanahan's schemes have turned unheralded rushers into 1000 yard backs consistently throughout his career. Terrell Davis, 6th round pick - 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Olandis Gary, 4th round pick - 1999 Mike Anderson, 6th round pick - 2000 Clinton Portis, 2nd round pick - 2002, 2003 (as a 2nd rounder, I will grant you that he was at least projected to be
  4. I hear you, but there's a difference between irresponsible spending and bad contracts by a front office (believe me, as a skins fan, we know ALL about that!), and collusion by other owners to strip the 'skins of 15% of the total expenditure limit. The former every team has to deal with; the latter, only the Redskins and Cowboys. And as a poster so astutely pointed out previously, you keep quoting statistics that are indicative of volume. They're the product of the sheer amount of passes thrown, NOT how effective those passes are (which, coincidentally, is why I personally don't fault him f
  5. What? Seriously. This post is so absurd that I actually felt the need as a casual Redskins fan linked here by a friend to register and post. This is not an RG3 vs Luck for ROTY award thread so I'm not going to drop a ton of stats on you (rates of TDs or INTs relative to number of attempts, which everyone here seems to be missing), and I know that it's somewhat OT, however, you have decided "Colts had major cap issues here" similar to the Redskins, when that is just completely, utterly, irresponsibly false. Now, let me say first and foremost, I don't particularly care for the Schaub pick
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