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  1. I may not be understanding your point, but why do you ask who fills the need areas when my post listed 5 guys who could fill in either Reggie or Robert's place? The other need areas, specifically DB and OL can and should be addressed in the second round of the draft because that's where the best value picks will be for those positions. The reason I think Reggie is more likely to be re-signed is that Polian has always re-signed offense before defense during the Manning years. The focus has been clearly on offense, and I don't see it magically changing now. Peyton and Reggie may be getting old,
  2. I do expect Wayne to be back next year. I really think he bleeds Blue, loves our fans, and most importantly, is Peyton's #1 target. However, if he is traded, there are good options to replace him. Obviously, drafting one of the top WRs coming out, like: Blackmon, Jeffery, Floyd, Fuller, Broyles, and Jones. Also, there are some very good Free Agents coming up, including: Bowe, Colston, Meachum, Manningham, Stevie Johnson, DeSean Jackson, and Mike Wallace (RFA). So, all is not lost if we're able to secure one of these guys and keep Garcon. We actually get younger, and likely faster. I do love Re
  3. They do go out and play to win, and I appreciate that. They're fighting. I'm still proud to say I'm a Colts fan because of the fight they show. But I don't hope the best for the players. I hope the best for the team. And the best thing for the team is to get as much out of this for the future as possible. The players who are still here next year will be all smiles again next year when we have Peyton back and some new, top-tier talent in the mix. The players who aren't here can console themselves with the paychecks they've received.
  4. Still missing the point. This season is a wasted season anyways. We're not going to make the playoffs, we're not going to the Super Bowl, we're not going to win much, if any. That means, these games we're watching mean nothing. The regular season is only worth the seeding you get in the playoffs. We'll miss the playoffs, so there is no value in winning any of these games. Now, next season, whether we have Peyton back or not, we have a chance to improve based on where and who we draft/sign/fire/cut. Next year is when the regular season will matter again, hopefully. So why not hope we can maximi
  5. This "not a real fan" crap is annoying. We're all real fans here, we just have different opinions. The purpose of hoping the team loses every game is to improve the team's future. Those who would say they're rooting for that outcome are only doing so because they recognize the opportunity presented by a season this horrendous. This is a real chance to inject some more top quality talent into this roster and set us up for another decade of success. Because in the long run, isn't one terrible season worth 10 more great ones? How many awful years did we suffer through before Peyton was drafted an
  6. I'll pass on Reid as well. He is not a good in-game coach, and I hate his press conferences. He's actually a lot like Caldwell, but has had the support of a very good QB for years in McNabb, and a defense that always seemed to be solid. He probably is better than Caldwell, but I just don't see him fitting here.
  7. If he plays extremely well for the rest of this season, and if there's any chance Peyton comes back to full strength, Painter will sign somewhere else because someone will pay him too much after missing the QB they wanted in the draft or something. If he continues to underwhelm, he might stick around as the backup, depending on whether or not we draft a QB. But in that scenario, I don't think there's any chance the front office plans on him being the successor to the throne.
  8. This comes after Week 5 of a 17 week season, and no one finds it a little fishy? Irsay is simply pumping up the value of this pick so they can fleece someone in a draft day trade if we do in fact land the #1. We all know that the Colts front office is very guarded when it comes to the draft, not letting a single hint slip out as to who they want. Everyone knows that Luck will go #1, and Irsay is just pointing out to the rest of the league that the team that already has the best QB might just go ahead and draft the next one too, because he's that good. It's a salesman tactic, and he nailed it.
  9. He and his wife just had twins, so it wouldn't surprise me to see him actually retire for a little while, and stay home with them. As much as he loves football, he's a big time family man. I do expect him to get into coaching at some point though, and I'd expect it to be with the Colts in some capacity. Something like the road that Larry Bird has taken. First a coach, then a front office position. I hope he doesn't waste his football mind just sitting behind a desk and being another talking head.
  10. I'd say the Colts stand out as the only glaring example of building around a QB. The Saints could be considered the same since Brees is clearly the best player on that team, but I'm not so sure they really built around him. The Colts have even built the defense around Manning. And having only one Super Bowl win with possibly the greatest QB of all time should prove to everyone that as important as stellar QB play is, you must have a complete team. The Packers defense last year was as dynamic as the offense. The Pats won their Super Bowls on the strength of their defense and some clutch play by
  11. A lot of it will depend on what Reggie Wayne does. If we re-sign him, which I think we will, then I would guess a 3rd round pick could go for a WR like Dwight Jones. If we don't re-sign Wayne, then I expect to use a first rounder on Blackmon, Jeffery, or Floyd, depending on where we draft. If we end up with the #1, I expect to trade the pick and maybe get a WR, DE, OL, and/or LB in the first and second rounds.
  12. I think we're trying to say the same thing in two slightly different ways. I feel like the team is playing hard and giving their best effort. Unfortunately, the best efforts of Painter, Powers, Lacey, Caldwell, Lefeged, Linkenbach, and others just isn't very good. I don't think anyone can complain about the effort our guys are displaying, but there sure is room to talk about their talent. I thought you were saying that the guys weren't playing hard, thus my response.
  13. What we need is a little diversity in the defensive gameplan. The Tampa 2 system has strengths, but it has weaknesses as well. When you show the same scheme over and over, offenses will exploit the weaknesses. You'd think the Colts would pick up on the concept of confusing offenses with exotic defenses since it's how the rest of the NFL tries to play against Peyton. Belichick has done it for years, and the Ravens have been trying to play chess with Ray Lewis vs. Peyton. Yet, on defense, the Colts allow the David Garrards and Matt Cassells of the world to carve them up like Thanksgiving turkeys
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