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  1. Lol he has lots of moneyyyy. Which means he'll get off easy. So everything will still be good.
  2. RT @SportsCenter: Thunder All-Star G Russell Westbrook will play tonight, at least 2 weeks ahead of schedule from knee surgery in October.

  3. Hell noooo. Why would u want him? This team wants warriors!
  4. But RG3 i remember tried to slide just like FItz and he fumbled it and the other team recovered
  5. Everyone knows the SEC is the strongest conference in college football. I think he's "earned" a chance because what other options do we have? DHB, Whalen?
  6. Actually i do know that he hasn't even played all year and there's probably a reason for that.
  7. I really don't know much about Rogers. But there were some ppl saying "give whalen a shot". Whalen is garbage. There was a reason why he wasn't on the active roster. And people have also been begging for Rogers to play. So I'm not to excited about the "upgrade"
  8. wth is Luck doing? Missing so many easy passes. He gonna injure another player with his off throws
  9. The colts are gonna comeback! I already know the ending! Rams are getting the points now so when the Colts comeback and win they won't cover the spread. Please tell me how the Jaguars are up 13-0 on the Titans! Titans will comeback and win but won't cover! And when we play the Titans this thursday they are gonna look like a whole new team somehow.
  10. lol i just saw the replay of Austins return...the colts players didn't even try tackling him. They pretty much just let him run by
  11. I'm starting to think the NFL is rigged. This always happens. The underdog always jumps out. The players for the colts have been doing so many dumb things. Reed took out a kick from the endzone and only went to the 10 yard line lol. I know the colts are gonna comeback and win already but they ain't gonna cover the spread.
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