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  1. Fans wants wins, if they don't get it.. they want change. Hence the total rebuilding phase we have here in Indy right now.
  2. I mean...try and imagine the scenario that Peyton does come back and play. He plays a OK game but the Colts looses and the crowd screams for LUCK.... it would be an absolutely nightmare for Peyton and his legacy! So I say, stay away Peyton...we love you, but your better off somewhere else!
  3. I have been to several forums, I always do to keep up, and the funny thing is, that almost every team fans wants a new HC. Ahhh thats pushing it, but many fans from different teams wants a new guy, a new HC. Even the Steelers wants to get rid of Tomlin... wth...they went 12-4! Give me Tomlin over Caldwell anytime!! but for now, what about waiting a see what Caldwell can do, when his hands arent tied?
  4. In "The Polian Corner" Bill talks about us going back to play Dungy defense...well...as I see it, the Caldwell defense IS dungy defense with a few more blitzes. Anyone else have another opinion? what are the differences?
  5. As the majority of this forum thinks, The Colts have no future with Jim Caldwell and some even thinks that we don't have any future of significance as a team if we don't fire The Polian family too. So Mr. Irsay please watch this clip from Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyLpNZiOZUc That what will happen, if you don't act now!
  6. Maybe PM has to much controle, less would probably be better. But then we need someone at the sideline, who are smarter than PM....no one comes to my mind.
  7. I hear you, and I dont disagree. But where I think the difference between Peyton and others is in the calling. As I understands it, from reading the net and seeing interviews is, that Peyton is a part of making the offensive gameplan and that he don't get plays from the sideline anymore. He decide for him self, what to call at any given time. In situations like 4 and short, its op to the sideline to decide. Other than that, its Paytons call.
  8. So every QB since High School calls their own plays? As I understand calling your own plays is like: the offensive coordinator MAY gives you plays, but you can choose to go with other plays from the playbook. Pass and runs... Not just to check down in plays you are given...
  9. When you compare QBs, you must consider thinks like that Peyton calls his own plays versus Brees whos told what to do. When you are told what to do, you can't be compared to those who call their own plays. Peyton calls his own, I don't know who else does that?
  10. I'm split halfway... On one hand i think that we can't really get any worse than now....but on the other hand, why waste 750k on af DT that last time he played good was at Titans? Well... !....i'll take him.....if for nothing else than selling Jerseys :yay:
  11. Fact of life (in short) The Polians WILL be here next season and probably as long as they want Caldwell will MOST LIKELY be here next season and if that season goes like 8-8 or even 6-10, he'll be here the following season too - sad but true! Even IF we get the chance of grabbing A.Luck, The Polians will surely NOT take him, because they have faith in someone else who fits this team more....because the media and all us talking heads don't know anything...we are all in a parallel universe. Darker times are upon us!
  12. I actually prefer that they left it all out on the grid! ... because you can work with less talented guys, but you can't work with quitters. As the great Lombardi said: Winners never quit and quitters never win!
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