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  1. Espn sports center just said the texans have clinched the division ...that is not right ! Someone should let them know their mistake ....
  2. Hey ! I know that #7 guy ! He handed me my coffee and my #7 today at McDonald's !!!
  3. Well if he would write a column everything he was wrong there wouldn't be anymore room in the paper for other news !
  4. Colts can win this game ... If we don't beat ourselves ! Go colts !!!
  5. could you imagine the media circus if we play denver in the first round ???? oh my the talking heads on espn would probably would have a field day with that one !!!!
  6. i know right for some strange reason i felt a huge weight was lifted from my chest like i was playing the game myself ! lol , i was just so happy for peyton though ...the old saying of people saying the colts cant win the big one was getting old !!!
  7. its got to be the 2006 AFC CHAMP game !!!!!! for me anyways .....i remember being on my couch with my head hung in another case of c.e.e.p.s (colts early exit playoff syndrome) i was so upset that the patriots did it to us again !!!! No game fo me has had the broad range of emotions and total suprise than that one for the ages and an instant classic !!!!!!! :dancing:
  8. i think it could be done in houston....but i would take a victory down there over a rookie record anyday !!!!
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