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  1. geinsteder


    He is incredible to watch in person. We have had the pleasure a few times over the years. Last MNF game I recall we saw in person was when the Colts had the ball for like 12 minutes and beat the Dolphins here in south fla.. Wow- what a finish that was. I really shouldnt of nodded off last night. Woke up around 3am and ran to the computer to check the score.. wow, he is a legend..
  2. What a game. So happy for Peyton. He is truly one of the best QB to ever play NFL football. Wow..
  3. He looked good today. First time in over in a long while that I been excited again to watch some football. I hope Manning has a great season. Hubby wants me to join the Luck train and I just can't seem to do it quite yet. So we will be watching alot of football between the colts, broncos and our season tickets to the dolphins this year.
  4. Yep- I am over there also. Just really do not post that much but enjoying reading up on the team so I know who is who this season.
  5. I didnt think he look much different than other years just that he has a wow- reciding hairline.. all that stress I imagine..
  6. Happy Birthday! Love the Bday cake. We used that same one a few years ago for my son. Magnet still on frig..
  7. Cool will take a look. Just ordered my dad and my son a Manning shirt. I like the colors actually.
  8. That would be awesome. Would love to see Manning come to south fla with the 49ers vs Fins...
  9. Fins are talking to Mario Manningham so Im not sure what they are thinking or if they are thinking they still have a shot with Manning. Henne was gone just suprised Jax picked him up with all of this hoopla with Tebow..
  10. Honestly every day is a different story. We should know soon enough though.. It seems like this continues to drag on and on.. Nobody knows what he is going to do except Peyton.
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