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  1. I checked this forum for the first time in ages because I knew somebody would get up-in-arms over this harmless video
  2. Pretty good rankings. I think DeMarco Murray is a very overrated back but other than that the list seems solid.
  3. Because the scenarios in which the games were played last year are unlikely to be sustainable. 8 fourth quarter comeback wins is an abnormality no matter how you look at it, and I believe that this year either the Colts win them outright or they are blown out because of their defense, which wasn't good in the first place. I do not see a repeat of 8 comeback wins.
  4. I expect Luck to have a 100+ QB rating but the Colts to finish 8-8 and miss the playoffs because of immense defensive regression.
  5. Rodgers is clearly the best QB in the league. Nobody matches the all-around packaged he has as a QB and his actualy production today.
  6. I'll give ya credit for following the thread title lol
  7. Fabrication at its finest. The doctor said he'll be ready for the regular season. Interpret that as you will, but the doctor would have to be a flaming imbecile to say that to imply that he will be ready in week fourish. I say he's back before training camp ends, but we'll see.
  8. 1. The read-option continues to proliferate and teams see immense success. 2. Andrew Luck finishes with a passer rating of over 100, but the Colts struggle because of their defense and miss the playoffs. 3. Philip Rivers experiences a renaissance and the Chargers win the AFC West 4. Cam Newton becomes the first QB in NFL history with 4,000+ yards passing and 1,000+ yards rushing. Finishes with 28 TDs, 10 int, and 9 rushing TDs and wins MVP. Panthers wrap up #1 seed and are ousted in the divisional playoffs. 5. RG3 returns healthy and the Redskins win 9 games. He has a passer rating of 95 with 3800 yards, 24 TDs, 10 INTs, and 5 rushing TDs. Redskins lose in the divisional round to the Rams 6. Sam Bradford breaks out and is second in the NFL in passer rating, throws 35 TDs and 10 INTs and the Rams get the #2 seed. 7. Adrian Peterson battles with injuries all season and fails to replicate his 2012 year, 8. CJ Spiller becomes the next 2,000 yard rusher, and only on 300 carries. 9. Vick Ballard rushes for 1600 yards and 12 TDs. 10. Rams win the Super Bowl over the Chargers behind Sam Bradford, Eddie Lacy, and one of the toughest defenses in the NFL highlighted by Chris Long and Robert Quinn.
  9. Surprise: Rams, Panthers Fallout: Colts, Bengals, Falcons
  10. The 49ers struggled to block extra defenders which is why their running game never got going. Nobody runs the ZBS better than Mike Shanahan, and the Redskins were able to consistently get their line moving in unison with so much misdireciton that even penetration into the backfield was not much of a problem. Last night, the Ravens were able to get into the backfield because, while individually outstanding, the 49ers offensive line doesn't move cohesively when operating out of the pistol. When they were able to move well, they got huge chunks of yardage and generally there were plays ALL over the field that the 49ers were able to make or just miss (Moss was wide open early, but Kaep missed him. They scored some plays later anyway).
  11. Kaep has excellent downfield accuracy, better than either, but his short accuracy, especially on slants and fades, leaves a LOT to be desired. He's gonna be a good one, though.
  12. The knee part is fine, but don't joke about concussions.
  13. You mean with the all of two games different than the rest of the NFC East? The notion of a division winning schedule being magically tougher is ridiculous.
  14. Thing is, people harp on RG3 for "how much help he gets," but Wilson had even more. His receivers always make acrobatic catches with ease, and he's playing with the #3 rushing game and #1 defense in the league and a top-5 offensive line. Easiset quarterback job ever.
  15. I don't think there was ever any other option.
  16. Harrison, Manning, and Wayne will go in. Saturday won't I don't think James will even sniff it. He was good but the RB position has become so devalued.
  17. I watched some of it and Luck is still as nerdy and socially awkward as ever lol
  18. Long has been pretty bad the last couple years and has proven to be injury prone. I would not be comfortable paying him $10 million per year. Maybe give him a 2 year $15 million that can turn into 5 year $45 million with an option at the end of the year if he plays well.
  19. I mean contain is all you can really do, and I guess that's the underlying point: the option is NOT an offense, unlike the pistol. It's a wrinkle and set of plays that are/will be used 10-12 times a game to keep a defense off balance. The key is that defenses don't know when it's coming and it requires a level of discipline as an entire unit that is hard to achieve because it is hard to know when it is coming. That's why I think it will last: not because it is an entire offense, but because it is a key to cog that because of the nature of when and how it's run is hard to stop.
  20. Then what's the issue? I never argued that he is the better QB; I argued that he is more talented. There are many things that go into making an exceptional quarterback, and there is no way to tell whether or not Luck, Griffin, or Wilson will be successful long term. Peyton Manning did not have the best tools and succeeded. Aaron Rodgers has all the tools and is succeeding. So why take issue with my supposition that Griffin is more talented if there's no way to tell how any of them will turn out?
  21. I'm a white guy who can jump. Luck is still a great athlete, there's no question. The impression is simply diluted when you compare to guys who are demonstratively more athletic (Newton) or are more athletic without question (Griffin, Kaepernick). It's kinda like Big Ben: nobody thinks of him as athletic because he doesn't appear to be, but he's pretty fast and can truck someone.
  22. I would consider my portfolio relatively diverse.
  23. I do actually pride myself on my ability to multitask.
  24. And what compels you to believe that I diminish your players? I find that many people here have such a linear view of things: if you prop up Griffin, you are automatically claiming that Luck is not the greatest thing since sliced bread and therefore lose your "fan card". I do not look to disparage any of the quarterbacks: they're all great. I conceded that Luck has some attributes where he is CLEARLY better than Griffin or Wilson, just as there are some where Griffin is better than either of the others. My suppositions do nothing to downplay Luck or Wilson, and to take offense to them, as if I am eviscerating your Chosen One, is ludicrous. And alas, I was not the one who initially brought up the entire "who's better" argument, so once again you can spew your vitriol elsewhere.
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