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  1. worked , Great

  2. I just added clicked on add me as a friend under your avatar on profile page so u should get a message

  3. I now have to wait 5 minutes and send u a requst , did i click on add me or remove me if u remember, right now your page switched to add me so will wait 5 minutes and add u back , But What did it say on my profile under my picture, I was hoping it said add me, but seems like said remove as I am no longer a friend on your profile page, So wait 5 minutes

  4. Again on my profile under avatar If it says add me click on it, if it says remove me that means something is wrong, site requires double requests at times, I have this problem with Andy246 , so need u to check as i have described and report back to me as if something wrong I need to tell a moderator but as of yet they have no solution

  5. RE friends Notice I am listed, u see my avatar on your profile page , on my profile page when u go to it u see are not listed, your avatar isnt there

    On my profile page, FRIENDING HERE IS WEIRD , go to my profile page and look just under my picture and tell me if it says remove me as a friend or add me as a friend, If it says add me click on it, if it says remove me that means so...

  6. That is under my pic on my profile page u have to click add me as a friend

  7. make sure u go to my profile and u have to then request me too to be a fiend or u wont show up on my profile page like I am on yours

  8. said will check , that was Friday night

  9. when u commented to me the below i asked a moderatort o check

    no no Barry it says that we're friends. I know this because on your profile it says "remove me as a friend" instead of "add me as a friend." Don't worry :)

    the moderator has no idea why your vavatar is not showing up as a friend on my profile, nor in my managed friends list , said will c...

  10. I am writing a moderator to get your avatar up on my friend list

  11. do u remember accepting my request ???

  12. then why in thew world dont i have your avatar on my profile under page under friends like the rest and when i look up managing my friends u are not there, should we remove each other and restart ?? If u do u have to wait five minutes

  13. So I sent u a request after u sent me one , did u ever get it ???

  14. This was written to me

    The friending function here is totally weird and has even had the mods scratching their heads the past few days. It seems that if I send someone a friend request and they accept, then they are my friend but I am not their friend. That person has to send me a friend request to be my friend.

    I don't know if that makes any sense, because it is still bogg...

  15. or is it I already sent u a request and u have to accept me which makes sense, either way on my page u are not listed as a friend

  16. andy we are not fully friends until u go to my profile and click on add me as a friend & I accept u , That is why I am listed here but u arent listed on my page as my friend, I already accepted your invite , now u have to go to my page and ask me, hard to explain & of doing itrather stupid way p

    that is why I am listed g here

  17. u did such a wonderful job with my avatar, I am sory but a long time buddy has same problem so told him to ask u , hope its ok




    or go to my profile and click on my avatar and she is a griend and send her a mnessage about your avatar


  19. RE Avatar ask PeytonGirl she re sized mine for me, I also gave her all my login stuff so she kindly added it as well

    I am requesting u to be a friend, u will get a mesagge in upper right where u log in , u then accept,( IF U WANT TO) & go to my profile and have to click under avatar on mine as well add me as a friend, site is quite weird


  20. been awhile, thanks for the well wishes, hope u are fine , have a great summer

  21. just noticed u did it thanks

  22. please if u can resize my photo go right ahead

    However my postings will be sparse, alot is happening requiring my increasing attention

  23. guess my picture is too large, cant even upload as photo let alone avatar

    still QUITE confused , & seems like same notifications in varied places WEIRD

  24. BTW u can disregard all of yesterdays messages on direct colts , realized that with this up u r way too busy so just added back profile photos lost myself

    Great job by the way, know its what many will want, U have to cater to the masses, to me its a totally foreign language though

    This site is just hard for me, may not post, may just respond, will see

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