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  1. I don't mean in a litteral way like "I never witnessed Peyton play and I am oblivious to his existance", I mean I never cheered for him. I never when to a colts friendly bar to sit and watch him play! I never had a radio app to check for colts games he played in. That's all. No disrespect to him at all. I just marvelled at him from afar, but never followed the team with him at Quarterback. Luck is my peyton, LOL!
  2. I was raised a Giants fan but felt they were shoved down my throat. So when I got out on my own to be my own man, I went from the Giants to the Bills (New York's forgotten team), that lasted half a season then I jumped on the Jets mid season. After being a Jets fan for a little stint I went with Andrew Luck to the Colts. I'm not going to lie. I still have a place in my heart for the JETS just because they are so close to me and they are the under dog. It's too easy to be a Giants fan, but a Jets fan can never be accused of being on the bandwagon and I admired that. Plus that was the first game I been to and a few of my friends are Jets fans. I was never a hardcore rowdy fan, I'm soft as a feather, LOL! But now everybody in my inner circle and on my job knows I'm a Colt fan, from my Andrew Luck screen saver, to my Reebok Colts sideline jacket I wear every where in the city and my Colts watch with the horseshoe! But yeah, just to be honest with you guys, I jumped on the Luck train! And if it doesn't work out, the Colts will just end up drafting a Unitas-Peyton-Luck Hybrid super QB anyway so....LOL
  3. I was not a fan of the team during the Peyton Manning era. I know who he is and understand that he is one of the best to ever play the QB position. I've even seen him play the Giants and a few other teams on tv. But I belive I missed the whole Manning era. I came onboard on the Andrew Luck train, so in essence, I am a Colt of the LUCK era! It's kind of weird because I completely missed one of the greatest QBs in the game and came in on the future greatest QB in the game! It's like your favorite lottery number came out yesterday and you didn't play it. Then you play it the next day and it comes out again and you win! The Colts have to be the luckiest damn team in the NFL! (PUN INTENDED). I mean, replace a legend with a future legend? How does that happen? Can the Colts be God's favorite team? I was just thinking after doing laundry that all the great things the Colts did under Manning, all the classic games I missed, but I get a chance to see future classic games under Andrew Luck! Simply amazing.
  5. So if a fellow patron attempts to render me unconcious with his fist, I should have let him proceed without any attempt to preserve my own health?
  6. I see this alot! A poster posts a topic and a fellow posters posts a link to the same topic with ten pages. Iuse to think, "ha ha, that poster just got owned! Not onlydid he think he was creatin fresh topic on something he justfound, but the fact is that poster is late to a topic alreadt discussed at length". Well,today I am that poster...SMH
  7. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/nfl-considered-widening-playing-field-35-feet-may-190404198--nfl.html Let's discuss....
  8. To me, Vick's only problem has been his Oline. I mean, I probably can get to Vick from the stands the way those guys are.
  9. He wasn't wearing a jersey, I'm really not sure what team he is a fan of, he was some tag along. A friend of a friend of a friend kind of deal if that makes sense, who just happen to be a major D. BAG if you know what I mean.
  10. I can't wait for this thread to die. Everytime I see it, I think of that stupid night, LOL! Oh crap, I just bounced it to the top of the forum again, SMH!
  11. As for me, I'm a Jacksonville Jaguars fan from San diego.
  12. KEATS is an excellent Colts bar in manhattan! I'm at work, but I'll post a link later!
  13. First of all, I'm bored and tired after shoveling my bleep off outside. Anyway, first and foremost, THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS is my favorite team and is the best team in the whole world! My second favorite team is the NY JETS because they are local and they are close to my job, and plus they are a reality show as well as a football team. I never expect them to go far but they were the first football team I saw play and that has sentimental value to me. Plus it's too many Giants fans in the world...
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