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  1. Thanks for sharing that video. TY looks to have things in order in his life. Happy for him and his new Colts family.
  2. Interesting fact: Earl Campbell is from Tyler, TX and won the MVP as a first year player in the NFL and the Heisman is about to be won by a first year player from Tyler, TX. Any guesses??? Rhymes with Kohnny Nanziel.
  3. Love this TEAM. If last year's saying was "Suck for Luck". Could this year's be "Luck for Chuck"?
  4. Very generous man. A strong family man. THE man.
  5. I am pretty sure had the Lion's defenders converged on Avery, Luck would have caught up and either blocked for him or shoved him into the endzone himself. Unreal ending.
  6. Playing in Saskatchewan for a few years will get you motivated to stick with a team that plays indoors. Great find Grigs!
  7. Not a Norv Turner fan here, but SD's players needed to make that tackle not the coach. Credit to Ray Rice. That was a determined effort to get the 1st down. Recycled head coaches are not the answer anymore. Rather them give a smart, young assistant a chance.
  8. When Hilton ran that punt back for a TD today I saw the same quick feet that I saw on the Marvin highlight reel from earlier on this forum. Wouldn't it be awesome if he learns to turn DBs inside-out like Marvin did? If he can do that (and catch the ball), then yes he could be a #1 WR.....just not on the Colts. I'd like to see a big, fast dude as our #1 of the future.
  9. Tough League. Rookie QB. Young Team. New GM. New Coach. New New Coach. 7 Wins in 11 games. Which fact seems out of place with the others?
  10. Nobody is perfect all of the time. Luck is doing enough to get wins in a very tough league. Have there been some unimpressive moments? For sure, no denying that.
  11. There is a lot to learn to be successful as a quarterback in the NFL and winning will always be the most important measurement. The fact that Luck is already winning games is a great sign for Colts fans!
  12. Lucas Oil Stadium is the place to play winning football. Congratulations to Chatard, Cathedral and Lawrence North on their big wins yesterday. Time for the Colts to top off a great weekend of football in Indianapolis!
  13. Uncanny chemistry between Peyton and him. The ball was right there all the time.
  14. Too nice?? Caldwell and Dungy were too nice! Sometimes you just have to step on their jugulars. Andrew has the potential to develop the trait. I like to think it is in the works. He tackles harder than a lot of linebackers.
  15. I don't make it to many games so I do not have a lot of Colts stuff. I do however have some silly ways of trying to control the momentum of the games (as if they have any effect). Change chairs after they score. Take my feet off the ottoman after we go 3 and out. Change from Bud Light to Bud after they take the lead. When we are grooving and controlling the game, I hardly move. Is it possible to be too into the game? Do I need medication? Or just more Anheuser Busch products?
  16. BB seemed to figure out Peyton and his tendencies early in Peyton's career. It took almost super-human performances from Peyton for the Colts to get wins against the Pats. Here's hoping Andrew Luck never tries to make the game so cerebral. He's a stud and needs to use all his athletic talents to produce big wins in this league especially against an evil mastermind like BB. Play ball Andrew, you have what it takes. Don't get drawn into the mindgames!
  17. Glad he is finally going to dress. I'm hopeful this game inspires Josh to develop a deep-rooted hatred towards NE for many years to come. Can't wait for the Colts to turn the table on ol' BB and his band of slimy characters. Would love for Luck to drive BB wacko and make him do a Woody Hayes. He's dirtball enough don't you think? Ooops, sorry for the BB rant - the OP is about Josh Chapman. Happy hunting Josh, eat up as many of those Patriots as you would like. No limit.
  18. Could not agree more FJC. William the Refrigerator Perry scores in a Super Bowl blowout and Walter doesn't. Why didn't McMahon audible to a play for the greatest Bear ever to score on the grandest of stages. Never has sat well with me either.
  19. Do what you're doing Colts. It will be enough to be competitive with New England. If the game comes down to the wire, we have karma on our side. BB is a jerk AND a cheater. And according to Mr. Kraft himself... a *. Go Colts!
  20. Refereeing is one variable that is out of the control of players and coaches. I want my teams to believe that "all refs suck" so we can try to avoid the emotional roller coaster ride that bad officiating can take you on. Do all refs really suck? Probably not, but just when you think you can trust them to get things right they screw things up royally. Same in every sport
  21. Luck and the young receivers will continue to learn how to win in the NFL and they will develop a few more ways to take shots at the endzone and get easy TDs. It's exciting knowing things are going to get much better in terms of scoring TDs and controlling games like they did last night. Let the education continue against the Patriots. It's all good.
  22. Would love to jump on them early and build a lead. Then run the ball down their throats in the 2nd half. Remember when Edgerrin would have 80-90 yards in the second half of games and finish with 130-140 yards for the game?
  23. I smell 125+ yards of rushing tonight. Let's push these guys around and have some fun. When was our last 100 yard rushing game by one back?
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