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  1. Thanks for the numbers and the link NCF. I guess I got carried away with my last sentence for sure. I just feel for the guy. Vicious sport can change your life. It just seemed like it was all going to fall into place for him and then whammo he was injured and is now damaged goods. Here's hoping Delano gets healed up and has another chance at that elusive long term contract. Where ever that may be.
  2. What a horrible fate for a guy who was prepping to be the starting safety in a contract year. He had his career right where he wanted it and blew up on him because of a neck injury. I would imagine he was thinking he would have had a strong season last year and would have played himself into a nice new contract. I'd be curious to know how much money was paid to Howell in his time with the Colts. All to end up with a broken neck and no chance to continue playing.
  3. I once golfed with Mike. Really nice guy! Not much of a threat on the links.
  4. F that could also mean "forget that". Right? Maybe? If so, then his choirboy image remains intact.
  5. I am a firm believer in the adage that "defense wins championships". However, I also like the saying in a lot of sports that "speed kills". With all of the speed we have at receiver the opposing OC is going to look like a little kid playing Whack-a-Mole. Just when he figures out how to stop TY, AJ pops up wide open. Stop AJ and Coby pops up. Stop Coby, TY and AJ and wouldn't you know it, Luck dumps it off to Gore wide open in the flats. Do scoreboards record into the hundreds?
  6. I'm all for anything that adds pop to our running game. This guy seems like a great piece to add some needed horsepower to our less-than-consistent run game. Can you imagine the pressure this offense is going to put on teams this year? It's going be like a multi-headed monster for an offense. If the finances make sense, I say we bite on Mathis and try and reel him in. He didn't go to Florida by chance did he?
  7. I would add physical toughness as another trait that is second to none amongst QBs. If he were to have played in an era when the best players were on offense and defense, he most likely would have been a QB and a middle linebacker. Ferocious tackler!
  8. I liked the contributions Sergio made over the years with the Colts. I agree he had some fine moments last year and was deserving of new contract with better numbers. My question with him..... How durable will he be as a starter? I am not sold on his tackling ability or his overall toughness. 16 games will be a challenge for him to keep that starting job. Even with Jacksonville.
  9. A fearless punter/kicker and not afraid to laugh at himself. This guy is money!
  10. This whole deal reminds me of Lance Armstrong in the way Brady is acting like he is the victim. Lance once had the world eating from his hand and now he is reviled by most people because of his constant denials and the attitude that he was above reproach. Brady may not be the one saying things now, but Kraft and the rest of them are not helping him with their biased opinions of what happened and how it was handled. I hope they Goodell makes them pay dearly for challenging the league's handling of the case.
  11. My tea leaves have spoken..... don't expect much out of Thomas, but Cherilus and Ballard will return to form. It was all right there on the bottom of my tea cup just the other day.
  12. Wide receiver with their first pick stunned me. With Johnson being new and the Colts giving Cris Carter's kid a shot, I thought the Colts would wait until the later rounds to target offensive weapons. However after watching the highlights of Dorsett, I can see why the Colts are so high on him. He's a fast man with good hands. He will get his chance to prove his worth this year. And personally I don't thinking Andrew is going to let him be anything other than a productive, late first round pick. He'll keep feeding him scraps until he's ready for the lion's share of the catches when Johnson and maybe TY are gone. Think of the lengths Andrew has gone to keep Fleener confident and productive.
  13. The Colts had Dorsett rated the highest, but had bigger needs at other positions. I get that. However, what if they would have let him go and the Patriots ended up taking him. Then he goes on to to be a player with Wes Welker type production and Brady rides him to a few more wins over the Colts. I can live with the pick. Never want to feed the enemy.
  14. Not sure Hasselbeck wants to be 2nd and 3rd. He has to dodge a lot of bullets already with rookie linemen protecting him in the preseason games. At his age, any missed block by a preseason rookie trying to make the team, could be the end of his career. I know he makes good money to be on the team and all, but I'd have to guess getting extra snaps in the preseason would low on his priority list.
  15. I would have to say Andre Johnson. Coming from a division foe, I have seen him play a lot. The others not so much. Does the Canadian League guy really have a shot?
  16. If we could only develop that divisional swagger with the NFL elite teams. Playoffs will be interesting!! And short if we don't start running, catching and blocking.
  17. McAfee is having a pro bowl season. He has more than earned the chance to audible to a throw when a gunner is left uncovered. Love his guts and bravado, even though this call took neither. Botched coverage should be taken advantage of every time if you are playing with confidence. At least our punter has his confidence intact.
  18. Please excuse my ignorance. My apologies to Coach Caldwell. Clearly I have no clue beyond the Colts.
  19. Big Red

    I wish

    Happy to know that the Colts have fans worldwide. I would think a team based in England would put one division, one conference at a competitive disadvantage with the extra travel. Wouldn't it? Anyway... How about a mid-season showcase weekend with several teams over there? The NFL would need to rethink the off-weekends and put something together that would get 4-6 teams in London for a 2-3 game showcase of NFL football. That would make the greedy owners some money right?
  20. I can't be a fan of R. Wilson because he said with a straight face that Golden Tate caught that ball in the end zone against Green Bay when the refs completely contradicted each other. He plays with a lot of bravado and confidence, but sooner or later he gets RG3ed and his magic will fade.
  21. I really like the kickers. AV is an avid hunter and his football kicking skills make me believe he is a deadly accurate sniper with his rifle. PM has risen from the depths of the Broad Ripple canal to the upper echelon of kickers in the NFL. A Pro Bowl selection should be in the cards later this year.
  22. Big Red

    I wish

    I am pretty sure the Euros are happy with their version of football. NFL is getting greedy!! Isn't that how dynasties fail?
  23. I think he would be in over his head as a HC. Does not seem to have a tough enough personality to command the respect of players when things aren't going well. I see him a lot like Caldwell. Smart enough to be a coordinator, but just not HC material.
  24. The top two performing receivers in the NFL are from the same youth football league in Florida... That's unreal!! What are the odds? Probably about the same as going from Peyton to Andrew as the quarterback. I'm with TY, Arizona in February seems like a fitting goal for this team this year.
  25. Uhhh. I thought last week was not impressive. This week was a W. Things are looking better. Impressive play: TY the TD Thief.
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