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  1. Naked bootleg with Luck destroying their safety with an Earl Campbell-like straight arm. Or Ballard follows a Havili block for the first 2 yards and then squirts for 4-5 more.
  2. Interesting. Add the Favre and Marino numbers together and that equals Luck. That's amazing!
  3. Mostly Chapman and Landry. Would love to have a scary defense to go with our offense.
  4. Powerful compliments from players who ought to know. My hope is Luck doesn't have the perfectionistic attitude Peyton seemed to have. I realize high expectations are important, but Peyton seemed to want perfection from everyone on every play in practice and games. Not everyone was capable of perfection and our offense got predictable at times IMO. I would like Luck to embrace a less-traditional style using more deception, even trickery, than Peyton ever would attempt. Wouldn't trade the Peyton years for anything, but here's hoping Andrew (and Pep) can keep defenses guessing when those tight playoff games are on the line in the future.
  5. 2 series. 10 points. Clipboard in hand by the 5 minute mark of 1st quarter. One drive will stall on a key drop by.....
  6. I think the retractable roof makes LOS a great venue. I agree the shadows on tv make it harder to watch when the roof is open. The only negative I see is how well prepared our quarterback and kickers can be when they have to play an all or nothing AFC playoff game in an open air stadium with nasty weather against a team who is used to playing in those types of conditions.
  7. I like "The Boss Man" or "Manimal". The D is shaping up well. What a difference it will be knowing our D that can stuff people instead of hoping they can get a stop.
  8. A lucky win was when Seattle got that simultaneous catch call to steal the game against the Packers. Vick Ballard diving into the endzone to win a game was not lucky, it was incredible. We certainly had some good fortune along the way last year, but come on - this new roster deserves a chance to show itself before getting labeled as Fool's Gold.
  9. The hard hitting NFL safeties are what will hurt Hilton. The slot receiver is a tough job to have, but they are paid well for the risks. Hopefully Luck is deadly accurate on most passes and TY doesn't get hammered too often. A highly unpredictable offense will go a long way to preserving the health of the receivers.
  10. Wow. There's 6 minutes I'll never get back (slow reader). Another totally useless opinion - A llama beats an alpaca in highstakes poker seven out of eleven times when the dealer is from a country south of the 49th parallel.
  11. Pretty sure based on the last two drafts and this year's free agent pick ups, Grigs has different ideas.
  12. What's the fine this year for a running back when he lowers his head and rams a defender in the helmet? I have a feeling DC will be picking up a fine or two for this new (terrible) rule, if they ever use him for a goal line plunge. If one punch can break a guy's face, imagine what he will do as a 230lb missile.
  13. Thanks for all the technical information S-man and please excuse my ignorance of the business side of the game. My question is do teams have to pay their drafted players anything before the contracts are signed? I just wonder if they don't delay things until the very end to save whatever money they can before they commit to a player for what seems like a slotted amount of money. I realize there are a lot of savvy business people drawing up contracts in professional sports, but ultimately every dime counts toward the bottom line of the team right?
  14. Question for you CanuckColt... Is the Canuck part of your name mean you're a Vancouver hockey fan? If so, that explains the negative disposition. Maybe your question for Fleener could speak to his childhood in Illinois and ask if he is a Blackhawks fan. You know Stanley Cup champs eh?
  15. What's exciting to me about Bradshaw visiting the Colts is that better players (than we currently have) are starting to see Indy (Luck era) as a strong option to go to contend for a championship. Currently it seems we are seeing the "injury-plagued" and "under-achieving" type of free agents interested in the Colts. After another strong season or two, the top level UFAs will be jumping all over the Colts bandwagon. Wishful thinking?? I think not.
  16. I know a family of Colts fans who live in San Diego and they are going to be psyched the Colts are coming to town. May need to invite myself out there and catch that one. Would also like to go to the Denver game in Indy. Maybe I'll do a garage sale to work up some funds for tickets. How much will I need? Million or two. Peyton returns to the house Peyton built. TV will be all over that.
  17. Classy fella that Chuck Pagano. Mr. Irsay should be proud. Indiana should be proud.
  18. All I know is our quarterback's name is Luck and ever since he has been here, things have changed for the better.
  19. The arm-chair quarterback in me says, let's not get ahead of ourselves here. 100% focus on Baltimore. The football fan in me says, hell yes!!! Complete the story. "The year, 1PP (year one Post-Peyton). The Indianapolis Colts.....". It's stuff Hollywood is made of - you know what I'm saying.
  20. Out with the old, in with the new. I love the fact we have a new attitude on this team from our coach on down the line. Actually from Mr. Irsay on down the line. How brutal was it when Caldwell was our guy and we got out-coached most games? Eat em up Chuck. Go for the jugular!
  21. My first kid's birthday... what a great day that was. It's a sign...
  22. A couple TD runs and I like our chances. And don't be afraid to take some chances to try and win. Fake a punt. Try a Flea-Flicker. Don't just play into their strengths if things get desperate on offense. McAfee TD pass... priceless.
  23. Loved that playoff run. Anybody think that Luck looks a lot like Jim Harbaugh? Same facemask, same teeth guard, same nose. And same never-say-die attitude.
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