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    Not sure how he should be used either but hes got some quick.Been awhile since anyone with a horse shoe has gone around the corner that fast. (Tennessee game)
  2. After watching the play calls early part of the Tennessee game I am excited to see this offense with Chud .
  3. I would take my chances with Jaylon Smith if he is still around,going to be a special player.


    I agree it would be great,but need so much more just don't no about the priorities.
  5. Why year after year do the Colts have a below average defense?


    He showed potential hope he gets a chance next year.
  7. A few OL thoughts.... and apologies up front, this is going to be a rant... It should not be forgotten, overlooked, or dismissed that whoever our OL coaches have been have not had much to work with. Our players have either been poor, or injured, or both. IN 2014, the Colts led the NFL in a dubious category -- most different offensive line combinations over a 16 game schedule with 11. 16 games, 11 different OL line combinations. Think about that. THAT is a recipe for terrible OL play. And yet, the Colts went all the way to the AFC championship. It could be argued that our coaches made chicken salad out of chicken s**t. None of us knows how much the problem was the players, the injuries, the coaching, or the front office who reportedly told the coaches who to start and who provided the coaches with substandard players. I think comments like "good riddance" are despicable and contemptible. I think it pollutes the quality of the message boards. I never celebrate coaches getting fired. It's a brutal business and assigning fault and blame is always easier said when it's being done from the cheap sheets here on a message board. Sorry, rant over...... you have to quit being sensible has no place on a discusiion board


    Why was Varga put on IR for a Concussion? Just a way of protecting him for next year without using a roster spot?
  9. Technique that some players lack can really be important,especially for those lineman that have just gotten by on talent until they get to the NFL.
  10. Some folks just have to have something to complain about,
  11. Art is 29 or 30 yrs old if healthy could actually have a couple of his prime years left.
  12. Just don't go back to the games before captain comeback and Manning,not the perspective we want.
  13. Same year loved watching Bert in his prime.
  14. Think you are right about Parry but also expect a big improvement from him next year after a off season of strength training at the NFL level.
  15. You think the Panthers game was bad for you,should have been setting in the rain with me for 2hrs.
  16. Yep must be a real *.Making a living as GM in the NFL. Must be dumber than a box of rocks.
  17. I said Sunday after watching Irsay in the locker room post game that it would be tough for Irsay to let Pags walk.
  18. The 1st couple offensive series in the Titans game was the most innovative I have seen from the colts in a long time.
  19. If Gruden is such a good coach why is he doing Monday night football???
  20. He is not a very good receiver out of the back field.
  21. After the post game speech and player reactions can't imagine how tough the coaching decision is going to be for Irsay.
  22. The few plays I got to focus on Good he played well,made a nice block on the long run Gore had.
  23. OMG..................................
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