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  1. I would like to apologize on behalf of Redskins fans. I do not understand why posters like RGIII have to show up after every Colts win/Redskins loss to try to prop up RG3 and belittle Luck's accomplishments. Both quarterbacks are playing phenomenal right now. It's an apples to oranges comparison. Luck would have more polished stats in our system and RG3 would have more gunslinger-like stats in Arians system. It makes our fan base look desperate and pathetic when posters like RGIII show up trying to defend our QB whenever Luck accomplishes something great or RG3 makes a mistake. It screams inse
  2. Or do you think the colts are giving the texans a couple seasons off before they take over the division for another 10-15 years? will it come down to watt v luck? schaub v overtime?
  3. great receiver but we all too often forget how great he was at returning punts and kicks definitely see the influence in todays returners like devin hester and dante hall
  4. I see the Texanians losing to 49ers and pats and falling to the 2nd seed making the ne bradys 1st and the denver mannings 3rd. Is this ok?
  5. Anyone agree? Look at the sb winners/losers lately. All have been very good qbs: Brady, Manning(both), Roethlisberger, Brees, Rodgers, Warner are all top qbs. I dont think game managers like schaub and flacco will cut it. quote me in february.
  6. even rg3 as a rookie is better than matt schaub when you are being outplayed by a rookie in your 9th season, that's pretty bad
  7. Think about it allowing 458 and 525 yards back to back/ a quarterback that is literally begging the opponent to win by throwing overtime picks/ against the better QBs, the defense struggles (Rodgers, Stafford, Manning) and Brady is coming in 2 weeks no way this team is coming close to a sb, patriots are probably going to steam roll them and i wouldnt be surprised if the broncos as well now that they are sync matt schaub is the worst qb of all the playoff qbs, kinda feel bad for texans fans
  8. Not a troll post but lets be honest. The Colts are the better team, RG3 is the better QB. with RG3 the Colts would be a lot better. He knows how to protect the ball, doesn't throw pick 6's, is extremely accurate, very mobile and explosive, and has great arm strength. Thoughts?
  9. lol are u serious neither the colts or redskins are going to win the sb so all that matters are the qb stats and rg3 is better than luck. rg3 does throw the ball down field the wrs just cant catch. numbers dont lie
  10. so in his 2 lowest completion percentage games he had the most drops, just shows that he is really that good and proving my point he is the best rookie qb right now and probably top 10
  11. i look at it as a positive even with 5 drops and a poor defense he is still a top qb right now and statistically the best in the nfc east right now. we werent going to the sb anyways but my point is rg3 is playi better than luck
  12. Im just goin by stats RG3 has the highest completion percentage 14 total TDs which is the most, highest qb rating, and the only thing he has less is yards. Numbers dont lie just like stepeh a smith says.
  13. no trolls i like the colts but the stats show that Griffin is indeed #1 sry
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