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  1. dont associate me stephen, he's a hater
  2. that's true, we could do a straight trade (luck for Manning) and maybe a couple picks
  3. keep in mind, Manning's contract is up in 3 years. We could trade, rebuild and sign Manning
  4. I think we could get 2 first rounders and rebuild (serious)
  5. at least offer some constructive criticism instaed of trolling
  6. - cut donald brown - start Hilton over DHB - start Whalen in the slot - trade for mikael leshoure (4th 2014) and start him at rb - fire pep - trade a 2nd rounder (2014) for Bruce Arians - replace pep with arians We would dominate. This would bring back the aggressive offense from last year but more polished. being a gm is not rocket science
  7. kinda funny how i know more than pep
  8. The guy is non-existent in the offense. Start Hilton instead and move Whalen to the slot.
  9. 49ers jags Seahawks Chargers Broncos Texans wow...
  10. are u really challenging my football knowledge? Pm me ur psn/xbl, ill 1v1 u on madden
  11. Its de ja vu Dungy was too conservative, Caldwell was too conservative. Pep and Pagano are too conservative. We won with Arians because he was aggressive, he wasn't afraid to let Andrew air it out.
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