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  1. It could also be that Grigson has his eye on a couple of defenders in the second or third, or his guy was taken already so he went BPA.
  2. I don't think it's a terrible pick. The Colts are in danger of losing a bunch of weapons next season. Not to mention, if you shut down T.Y., the Colts offense struggles. To me, this looks like the Colts are going all in this season. There's a lot of talent at the WR/TE/RB position. The unfortunate part is a lot of that talent will be a year older or possibly gone next year (Gore, Johnson). I think T.Y. will get re-signed though. He's young and not even in his prime yet.
  3. Regardless of the outcome of this investigation, it's extremely embarrassing for the organization and the fans. If the intent was to cheat, I am in favor of the NFL coming down hard. I just don't understand why. Maybe it's about getting every competitive advantage possible or crossing a thin line when it comes to rules. But at the same time, I'm still waiting for the full outcome. Whether it was intentional (not denying it wasn't), who was responsible, and the referees roles in this. And I'll be the first to apologize as a fan to the Colts organization and their fans. Again, I will wait until all the gritty details are released.
  4. Part of it is fans get spoiled. I mean you guys have a 15 + year franchise QB who reached the AFCCG in his 3rd season. That's incredible.
  5. You can still build a strong team with your QB making tons of money. You just can't plug in free agents anymore and hope it works. Like someone else said, there's less room for error. Grigson has done a pretty good job so far.
  6. What you're going to see after this is a horde of "Broncos fans" jumping back on to the Colts bandwagon :yay:
  7. I don't think NE is a lock for the #1 seed yet. They have 4 difficult games coming up where the Broncos and Colts have an easier path. I could see NE losing to Green Bay, Detroit, or San Diego.
  8. There are some NFC teams right now on par with the pats, GB, Arizona, and possibly Dallas. The Chiefs are hot too
  9. sd wins, quote me on it. if they lose ill never post again
  10. Swearinger talks a lot. Watch the Hard Knocks episode when the Falcons practice against the Texans
  11. Actually my bad I thought you meant 2006 (I was reading about LT). I agree with you. Peyton played very well against the Chargers and Patriots.
  12. Manning did not play well in those 2 games (wc and divisonal) leading up to the SB. The defense played lights out. He did play very well against the Patriots in the second half. One of the best performances I've seem by him.
  13. supposedly Another witness said he wouldn't get off his phone who knows
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