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  1. Let's see how everyone feels next December when Manning has his new team at the top of their conference and Colts fans are sitting in LOS with paper bags on their heads. I've always been a Colts fan and will remain one regardless of what happens but let's face the facts, the Indy Colts were doormats before Manning was here and they will garbage again after he's gone, whether it's next season or whenever he retires. This season was just a small sampling of what Colts fans have to look forward to with life after Manning.
  2. That's when Manning's bonus has to be paid. The Colts will not be the same franchise without Manning. Manning turned the Colts into one of the most DOMINANT franchises in the NFL. Manning built Lucas Oil Stadium(fans would still be watching games in the RCA Dome without Manning being here). Manning is the reason the Super Bowl is in Indy. The NFL decides the Super Bowl cities based on team performance and their stadium. We wouldn't have the stadium or the past winning seasons without Manning. The city probably wouldn't even have a professional football team. Many fans will leave the Colts camp
  3. This really doesn't mean anything but just some fun facts about Ryan Leaf and Andrew Luck. 1.) Ryan Leaf was 6'5" 235 coming out of college. Andrew Luck is 6'4" 235 2.) Ryan Leaf played his college ball in the Pac-10. Luck plays in the Pac-12 3.) Leaf won the offensive player of the year in the Pac-10 in 1997. Luck won this year's offensive player of the year in the Pac-12. 4.) Leaf was predicted by many to be a better pro prospect than Manning back in the 1998 draft. Luck is predicted by many to come in a take Manning's job next season. The Colts organization made the correct decision back in
  4. Come on guys we have to trade Peyton, right? I mean we are 0-12 without him this season. If we release or trade him, we should be a lot better, right? Ryan Leaf Jr. at Stanford is our savior. On a serious note, these people who are even considering the thought of trading or releasing the greatest QB to play football to put faith in some guy in college that doesn't even play in the SEC, needs to wake up and realize the reason this organization has been a powerhouse in the NFL for the past 9 years is because of 18. It's that simple. Shouldn't the Colts organization and Colts fan give Manning the
  5. Who else in the league is 0-5, this year. It's been such a soft schedule, so far, too. I believe that is all the reasoning I need.
  6. To everyone who bashed my topic when I posted this back in August. I'm sorry you guys were right! Caldwell is doing such a good job with this team! Looks like we may be on our way to a record setting year. Yeah, we are going to be right up there with 76' Bucs and the 08' Lions. Again, sorry everyone for making such a far-fetched statement back in August to fire such a great coach.
  7. Would Caldwell win 3 games this season without Manning behind center? No Will Caldwell be coaching an NFL team 2 years after Manning retires? No Do the Colts, after this season, need to start looking for a decent coach to build a team for when Manning retires? Yes Are you Jim Caldwell? Yes or No lol
  8. I don't get what you mean. Mora had Manning in the early stages in his career. Dungy had him in his prime. That should be all the argument I need. Do you really think Caldwell could be successful as a head coach on any other team?
  9. And also, do you consider winning a Super Bowl the following year running a team into the ground?
  10. Mora was not here in Manning's prime. Questioned answered.
  11. How did Dungy's career end in Tampa? Oh yeah, he was fired lol
  12. We would be the defending Super Bowl champions going into this season
  13. Jon Gruden should be hired as head coach at season's end, regardless of how this year goes.
  14. Yes, why waste the rest of Manning's career with a coach that still has his training wheels on?
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