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  1. Interesting scenario, according to the playoff machine on ESPN. Even though we beat Miami head to head. Colts : finish 9-7 W - DAL W - NYG L - TEN Dolphins : finsih 9-7 L - MIN W - JAX W - BUF Titans : finish 9-7 L - NYG W - WAS W - IND Playoff Machine has this... 6th Seed - Miami Wins tie break over Tennessee based on head-to-head win percentage. Division tie break was initially used to eliminate Indianapolis (Tennessee wins tie break over Indianapolis based on best win percentage in division games).
  2. Don't forget, we have two 2nd round picks. Ours and the Jets.
  3. Could mean free Jumbo Shrimp served to the fans at Grand Park.
  4. Sorry, my impatient's is getting to me. As he pauses imagine Chris Ballard saying "Andrew is not going to skip any steps in the process."
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