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  1. IcyRhythms

    Who in the hell wants to go 8-8?

    Idk, but they need to figure it out. Before you know it, Luck will be in his prime, five to six years will have passed, and I don't want to be asking if we're really going 8-8. I know Brady said he wants to play until he's 50. We all know that's not going to happen. Bill wants to prove he can at least make the playoffs without Brady, and probably hopes he'll retire sooner than later. The AFC is weak and predictable. The whole organization needs to get a lot more serious about winning.
  2. If Luck played for the Ravens in early 2000's or Steelers mid 2000's with that coaching and defense, he'd probably be 14-2 or 15-1 every year. I think he's that talented, yeah. The NFL has seen amazing talent that just never reaches full potential because they're not in the best situation.
  3. Cowherd does love Luck. I remember he once said Luck and Lebron are the most important players in team sports.
  4. Only starting QB to win the SB with two different teams AND(I think this is more special)the only QB to take four different head coaches to a SB.
  5. I think we both know the answer to that. He's certainly good. You don't play this long(even as a consistent dinker and dunker)and not at least be better than half the league's starting QB's. I agree with LJ as well. Just about every ring he has is tainted. The majority of the credit(and by majority I mean 70-80%)should go to the coaching and the Patriots as a whole for being the best at turning nobodies into a somebody. Their ability to do that is second to none. Their discipline is second to none. Brady is hands the luckiest leader in all of sports. He's in the best situation with the best possible coach, surround talent, of course the owner.
  6. He gives a really good comparison to what Rodgers has had(and currently has)vs what Luck is working with. Us Colts fans talk about this all the time, but I didn't realize until Colin put the numbers up just how great some of the stuff around Rodgers is. Not taking anything away from Rodgers. Guy is the best in the league(for now)and has been for a few years. We're hard on Luck around here, but the numbers don't lie in this case.
  7. I knew the Texans game would be tough. Division games are usually interesting for all teams. I did think we would win that one. I thought we could beat the Bengals. I guess I thought the Colts would win them all but the Patriots one, even though we're capable beating them as well. Discipline and injuries are our two biggest problems right now.
  8. IcyRhythms

    Again I will say, Ballard is not impressing me

    I'm definitely in the camp of "You are what your record says you are" I've watched the Patriots go 14-4 without Brady. That's a well oiled machine they have over there in New England. They just have players and the discipline to turn it up another notch when guys are hurt or not playing well. We don't. That's the difference between us and a team like the Patriots(among a few other teams).
  9. IcyRhythms

    Again I will say, Ballard is not impressing me

    I'm totally not defending the guy. I love this team but I'll call things when when I feel it's necessary. That being said, I think he's doing fine. This is a VERY young team. I think were a top 5 youngest team if I'm not mistaken. They are building something here. I think Ballard needs to keep in mind that Luck isn't getting any younger. If things don't begin to change, he may want to eventually finish his career on another team with more talent and better coaching.
  10. IcyRhythms

    Ebron gave up on the Colts last offensive play

    I didn't say he played horribly and that he was the reason for the loss. There were a number of reasons that happened, just like with the rest of our losses. We had a lot of dropped balls last night. I'm not sure, but it felt like the worst game for drops this season. Someone can correct me on that.
  11. IcyRhythms

    Ebron gave up on the Colts last offensive play

    You may be right. If that's the case, I apologize. I just wanted to see him try. He played pretty well for the most part.
  12. IcyRhythms

    Ebron gave up on the Colts last offensive play

    Yeah. You don't say? I can only assume based off of his action, which in fact say a lot more than any word ever could. *shrugs*
  13. IcyRhythms

    Ebron gave up on the Colts last offensive play

    And no one is taking that away from him. I'm just pointing out he had a dropped pass and gave up in one of the final moments. This team(IMO)lacks one thing that the Patriots are best at(and a few other teams do well). Discipline. Give up on plays. Penalties out the butt(this is easily our worst problem right now). And we have guys coming off the bench that don't know how to be the next man up in most cases. When the top guys go down, it's time to start making some plays and give it your all. I know we're beat up. I know this team is hurting for talent, but you don't make it to a professional level without being one of the best in the world at what you do. These guys have got to do better.
  14. IcyRhythms

    Ebron gave up on the Colts last offensive play

    Oh ok. Well, there was a play in the last moments of the game and he just gave up. He probably couldn't have caught it anyway, but he didn't even try.