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  1. Nothing is more satisfying than watching Tom Brady lose another game like this. It's almost as satisfying to watch guys like Skip Bayless get all kinds of butthurt about it. The Patriots cheat and win so much that Belichick said something like "Eagles played a great game offensively. Um, unfortunately we just didn't play our best" Ok, my guy. You played your best, Philly just played theirs as well and were the better TEAM last night.
  2. Some have the mentality that post season play is all that matters. When you evaluate a QB, I think you have to look at EVERYTHING they've done. If post season play is what these discussions really come down to, you're basically telling me guys like Trent Dilfer are just as good as Favre, Young, and Brees. You're also telling me Trent Dilfer is quite a bit better than someone like Dan Marino and half as good as John Elway. If those things are the ultimate deciding factor for you, you think pretty highly of a guy like Trent Dilfer. Peyton has a ridiculous amount of records as a Colt
  3. Everyone is going to have their own idea of what makes who the best at different positions, but this list is still relevant in early 2018.
  4. Yeah. When you look back on it, more was asked of Manning than has ever been asked of Brady. When Belichick and guys like McDaniels are gone, they'll blame his age. But right now? They're saying "OMG HE'S INCREDIBLE. HE'll PLAY LIKE THIS UNTIL HE'S 45!" What a joke
  5. And just imagine what would have been possible with a defense like that his entire career. If he can play just well enough to help win it and win, just...wow. Manning would probably have 10 rings or something.
  6. I don't believe that. That guy lives for football. Thing is, even if he did coach again, him coming to Indi is a Neverland fantasy.
  7. He's a cheater, but there is no better option for coaches available or not available if you're looking to win now. Luck's best years are being wasted. If he can come back at 95-110%, there aren't three guys that would give you two or three better seasons than Belichick with a healthy Luck.
  8. What are the chances we could get Belichick with a lot of the "Belichick has been set up to leave NE for a long time" talk? Serious question, but I'm sure I'll be laughed off the stage. lol
  9. We've seen the interview process come and go. Players and coaches. Attempts are made to wine and dine and next thing you know, a guy comes out of nowhere that no one expected that disappoints even more than the ones you already knew about.
  10. I'd love Gruden. I've always liked the guy. Honestly, he's a little overrated but he's got such great energy and love for football. Gruden has seemed even more appealing over the years because he seems to have a love affair with Luck. He's on record many times saying very hyperbolic things like "I'd take Luck over anyone else playing right now", and I believe that's from a year or two ago. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if we ended up with Lovie Smith or John Fox.(just throwing out a couple of names that I know I wouldn't be alone in being disappointed with) I hope I'm wrong
  11. It's all about personal opinion at the end of the day, but I will always side with guys like Shannon and course, others that defend Peyton. We have to consider the full body of work when you talk about the most important position in all of sports. 5MVPs Multiple time champion with two rings Holds a ridiculous amount of records(most of the ones you would want as a successful QB Peyton is top 3 in) I think these two are very telling: Took four different coaches to a Superbowl He's the ONLY starting QB in history to win a ring with tw
  12. The Patriots are cheating scum, and for that, Tom Brady can never be mentioned in the GOAT conversation. It's difficult to cry about missed or bad calls, though. Those happen in EVERY game. It just sucks when your team is on the receiving end. *shrugs*
  13. He would have had a decent defense and played with LT some point. That would have been HUGE for the Chargers.
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